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1. IPO Science Award for Airnergy

Science Prize awarded to New Vital Therapy

In the field of complementary medicine and natural remedies, scientific awards are an exception. Airnergy’s tireless commitment, consistent research and development is rewarded with therapeutic successes that amaze even scientific medicine. Our state-of-the-art therapies, have received the “Science Award“ from the IPO in the category of medical treatment.

The IPO (International Prevention Organisation), based in Brussels, has been dedicated to promoting public health care and, by extension, developing and disseminating measures aimed at enhancing health promotion, for 25 years. Today, this umbrella association is the largest nonprofit organisation of its kind in Europe, a network for health issues with international opinion leaders from academia and industry alike. “We are delighted to receive this great honour,“ said Airnergy founder Guido Bierther. “We receive regular feedback almost daily from enthusiastic doctors and avid users. The fact that our scientific efforts finally bear fruit in wider circles of experts, and that they no longer ridicule our achievements, fills us with pride. It is, of course, something really special that the IPO — an organization of such a standing in the established health sector — is paying attention to our company and our products. We are truly grateful and hope that this science award helps to strengthen confidence in the forces of nature. May it give impetus to sensitise more people for natural, holistic methods.“

The IPO recognises the innovative therapies of Airnergy with the IPO Science Award. Optimal oxygen supply to the cells and neutralisation or disposal of reactive oxygen species constitute a key component in maintaining health and overcoming diseases. Eitel J. Vida, executive director of the IPO, presented radiant Airnergy founder Guido Bierther with the award at an official ceremony.

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2. Presentation of the Health Media Award

AIRNERGY awarded once again!

This July, the coveted Health Media Award was presented to Airnergy in the category “Holistic Health and Prevention“. Along with such well-known prizewinners as health insurers DAK and Barmer, the Focus magazine or the University Hospital of Bonn, Dr. Ralf Komitsch-Göttert, head of the department “International Sales“, gratefully accepted the Health Angel in the Grand Kameha hotel in Bonn. “Awards like this are a confirmation of our achievement and a clear indication that we are on the right track with our product within the health system and in tune with the spirit of the times. Even more important to us are the many statements on practical observations from doctors and therapists, and the countless letters from satisfied users who regularly breathe the Airnergy air! They all feel healthier and full of energy.“

Airnergy’s greatest desire is to make this process accessible to as many people as possible. Despite being supported by thousands of doctors, therapists, professional athletes and private consumers in more than 60 countries worldwide, we still haven’t reached our target. The “Holistic Health & Prevention Award 2014“ has brought Airnergy one step closer to achieving our goal of global health prevention.

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3. Five Star Diamond GREEN Award

Five Star Diamond Award

This international price has been awarded to various categories by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences (New York City) for over 20 years. After Joe Cinque was introduced to a test product, he and two of his employees traveled to the Airnergy headquarters in Germany last August to inspect their facilities. His enthusiasm led to an immediate nomination. And now Airnergy joins international award winners next to Audi, Kempinski, Lufthansa, and Mercedes – after being the second ever company to receive the “Five Star Diamond Award“ in the new category “Green“ in recognition of an environmentally friendly and sustainable use of energy resources!
Since the nomination, Joe Cinque (77) uses his own personal “Airnergy Vital Center“ in his New York apartment every day; to quote “after only 20 minutes, I feel like eighteen again! Whatever the future holds in store for me, I will continue with Airnergy – 20 minutes every day!“
The president of the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences has invited Airnergy CEO, Guido Bierther, to the award ceremony in New York, but has already presented the coveted award to him via a video message.

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4. Handbook of Somatovital Therapy, Part II: Studies and Practical Experiences

Handbook of Somatovital Therapy

Without oxygen, there is no life! However essential for all vital functions, oxygen can only play its role in energy production in its activated form; under optimum physiological conditions, not an issue. In patients with impaired vitality (illness, stress, age) a technical innovation may enhance this process — Somatovital therapy.

At the beginning of the year, the first part of “Handbook of Somatovital Therapy: Scientific Background“ (only in German) was published. Now, Prof. Dr. Klaus Jung (director of the external scientific advisory board) and Dr. Dinah Jung (Research & Knowledge Management) explain and analyse established Somatovital effects on selected organ systems, important body functions and common diseases in the “Handbook of Somatovital Therapy, Part II: Studies and Practical Experiences". At the center of the theoretical debates in each case, the underlying biochemical and physiological contexts, vivid case descriptions and detailed documentation of international studies are taken into account.

Requests for pre-orders can already be lodged via the publisher’s web site mv-buchhandel.de: Here you will also find the ISBN under which you can order the german handbook no. II from bookstores as of January 2015.

We wish to thank Prof. Dr. Young and Dr. Jung for their dedicated and diligent scientific work and their confidence.
This would not have been possible without the support of our customers. Our special thanks to those who share already confidently their experiences and health improvements in terms of development of the Airnergy method; also in the name of Prof. Klaus Jung and Dr. Dinah Jung.

We would like to take the opportunity to inform you that our scientists are already working on "Handbook of the Somatovital therapy, Part III" with emphasis on "user experiences and references."
This is not possible for us without your help. That is why we ask you for your active support by your testimonials. We thank you for it in advance.

Jung, Klaus S. D., Prof. Dr., specialist in internal medicine, sports medicine, naturopathy. Medical journalist. For 25 years, head of the department of sports medicine, prevention and rehabilitation at the University of Mainz (Germany). Setting-up a new graduate programme ‘prevention/rehabilitation‘. Board member of the International Society for Prevention. V. (IPO). Author of numerous books, book contributions, magazine articles. Research areas: long-distance running, nutrition, rehabilitation after myocardial infarction, importance of physical activity in chronic diseases, prevention, oxygen therapy.

Young, Dinah, Dr. phil., Postdoc. Ethnologist with a focus on Asia. Until 2013, a member of the collaborative research centre ‘Ritual Dynamics’, Institute of East Asian History of Art, Heidelberg (Germany). Associate member of the cluster of excellence ’Asia and Europe in a Global Context’, University of Heidelberg. Science author. Research topics: perfume cultures, smelling, breathing techniques, senses.

5. Medical case study on breast pain (mastodynia) by Dr. med. Welker

Airnergy Stream

Countless women are suffering from recurring pain in the breasts, the technical term for this affliction being mastodynia. It ranges from unpleasant feelings of tension to palpable indurations and even to an extremely painful tenderness of the entire breast. The complaints are common in all age groups. Reason enough to examine them more closely as part of a medical study, and to seek pain-reducing and biocompatible solutions.

Thus, Dr. Bernhard G. Welker, physician and author, focusing on orthomolecular medicine, gynecological endocrinology, prenatal diagnosis and prevention, has focussed his attention on mastodynia in his practice in Bonn. Twenty-nine patients agreed to partake in a hormone and painkiller free Dermovital therapy test with the “Stream“ against their chest pain. For about 20 minutes, it is directly applied onto the painful area. The device (Airnergy Stream) recreates the natural process of photosynthesis producing high-energy biophotons (quantum light particles) that unfold their outstanding penetration efficiency through the skin into the cell. Not only does the painful location benefit, but the whole body is positively effected by this.

According to Guido Bierther, founder of Airnergy from Hennef in Germany, manufacturer of the handy device: “Focal point of the Airnergy technology is the human metabolism. The biophotons generated by the device enhance cellular respiration. This is a prerequisite to provide adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the prime source of metabolic energy. The biophotons migrate through the skin throughout the body tissues into every cell of the body. In contrast to conventional treatment methods that do not reach the tissue between the cells, the transcellular aspect of Airnergy enables energy transport to the centres of the autonomic nervous system.“

The manufacturer's statement has now been confirmed by Dr. Welker’s research. Welker’s double-blind study using an outwardly identical dummy as placebo and a functioning Stream produced amazing results. The control or placebo group showed no effect. By contrast, after just one treatment with the real Stream, 18 patients in the other group, equating to 62%, were completely free of pain — in some cases even up to a period of one year. Another five patients were freed of their constant chronic pain after only two to four applications, four patients confirmed a pain relief and only two women showed no results. Overall, the study proved an exceptional treatment success rate of 93%. The observations were made over a course of years from 2005 to 2014.

Welker is convinced that Dermovital therapy will sooner or later become the therapy of choice even for his still hesitant medical colleagues, and of course in every well-stocked medicine cabinet at home: “For mastodynia caused by inflammation, the results of this pilot study with biophotons are a clear indication that Dermovital therapy is a good treatment option. Effective, simple to use and without any side-effects — it will find its proper place within the wide array of therapeutic options.“

The study was published in the journal “OM & Ernährung“, Dermovital therapy for treatment of mastodynia, no. 148, 2014.

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6. Compendia for COPD and AMD (maculardegeneration)

Compendia for COPD and AMD

This year, the Academy of Health, Sport and Prevention e.V. has released compendia on two widespread common diseases: COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and AMD (age-related macular degeneration).

These will help affected persons to understand how Somatovital therapy can have an individual influence on their respective disease. The Academy representatives focus here primarily on the regulation of the autonomic nervous system, the topmost control organ of our body. Affected persons receive valuable tips along their road to recovery by way of highly detailed and in-depth explanations of the individual processes within the body.

In the long run, further disease compendia will also be made available.

In case you are interested in these compendia, don't hesitate to contact us!

7. 100,000 video clicks on YouTube & Co.!

100,000 video clicks on YouTube

Airnergy videos have been clicked more than 100,000 times this year! Airnergy AG says thanks to its busy social media manager Udo Bertram, who is mainly responsible for this feat, always reliably filling all channels with the latest Airnergy videos.

For 2015, some exciting 3D animations are planned. These are intended to illustrate, in a very simple manner, how Airnergy works and takes effect. Especially, the impact on the regulatory capacity of the autonomic nervous system and the effect down to the cellular level will be emphasized and illustrated.

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New employees 2014

New employees 2014

This year, the staff of Airnergy AG has again expanded. In March 2014, Mr. Arbnor Qorrai joined our production and service team. He actively supports the manufacturing and shipping of our equipment.

Since May 2014, the company received fresh support from Mrs. Gaby Gesing. Taking care, as executive assistant, of the coordination and support of Mr. Bierther, of internal communication and management, of planning and organising events and exhibitions, as well as of legal matters.

In addition, Mr. Dieter Krämer joined Airnergy AG in July. He reinforces the export team serving customers and prospective customers worldwide.

As of January 2015, Mr. André Bitting will also be employed full-time. As a longtime expert in all Internet and PC matters as well as web marketing, he will take over the management of this increasingly important area. His duties include the complete redesign of the Airnergy web site, to be completed by early 2015.

We look forward to working with our new colleagues to serve our customers.

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New locations “Airnergy Lounge 21“

Airnergy Lounge 21

This year, some new “Airnergy Lounges 21“ have opened: the biggest and also the first “Lounge 21“ in a hotel at an altitude of 1400 metres. The family hotel “Kaiserhof“ in Berwang, near the Zugspitze, opened in July 2014. The family of hoteliers, Isabel Kuppelhuber and Alois Angerer, after extensive testing on themselves, their family and guests, revealed great foresight and set new standards as pioneers in the medical spa and tourism industry. The Austrian family hotel near the Zugspitze places 6 Spirovital therapy devices and 5 Streams (Dermovital therapy) at the disposal of its guests. “Treat your body well so that the soul wants to live in it!“ With this slogan, the Kaiserhof campaigns successfully for its exceptional health and beauty spa. If you do not want to give up Airnergy applications whilst on vacation, we encourage you to visit the Kaiserhof! Not only because of the good air, which is improved even further by Airnergy, but also because of the employees’ loving and caring attitude towards their guests.

Airnergy AG is particularly pleased about the most recent opening: the first “Airnergy Lounge 21“ in Paris! On December 12th, business partners Gérard Mazzocco and Dominique Andre opened the first French breathing studio, RegenAIRgy, near the Eiffel Tower. Export Manager Dr. Ralf Komitsch-Göttert represented Airnergy on site.

But those are not the only new locations this year: In Spielberg (Styria, Austria), Bönningheim (Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany), Goslar (Lower Saxony, Germany) and Bremen (Germany) more fantastic and promising “Airnergy Lounges 21“ were opened.

We wish all our new partners and their users the best of success and health, and thank you all for your trust.


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