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Innovation Award of the Century

The Fitness Tribune awards Airnergy with the Innovation Award of the Century

100 years full of groundbreaking developments: in 1912 the renowned medical faculty at Heidelberg welcomed as a newly qualified lecturer a doctor and biochemist, who in 1931 received the Nobel Prize for his research into respiration, metabolism and photosynthesis.
Exactly one century later (2012) Airnergy receives the Award of the Century for a technology that completes the circle of research by many different scientists into the subject of "oxygen therapy”.
Whilst Prof. Manfred von Ardenne – long recognised by many specialist colleagues as the pioneer of this research – still believed that the body has to be supplied with more oxygen than is available in the respiratory air, Airnergy succeeded in answering many outstanding questions and ultimately in developing the practical Spirovital method. The key innovative factor: it is not the quantity but rather the energetic quality of our respiratory oxygen that is improved.

Not least we have to thank the work of Prof. Klaus Jung (sports physician, visionary and for many years an associate of Prof. Manfred von Ardenne) and his commitment as Chairman of Airnergy's Medical Advisory Board, for the fact that for more than 12 years now Spirovital therapy has been recognised and established in more than 70 countries as an effective holistic medical technique. A new quality of oxygen without any side-effects.
Prof. Klaus Jung: "Consequently the Airnergy principle is being honoured with the Fitness Tribune’s Innovation Award of the Century, which is the most eminent recognition in the area of health and fitness in Europe. The Spirovital method was an important "missing link" in the oxygen metabolism from the point of uptake of external oxygen with the respiratory air to intracellular ATP generation; linked to the names of numerous international researchers from Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier via Otto Warburg, Heinrich Wieland (both Nobel prize-winners), Manfred von Ardenne (Oxygen Multi-Step Therapy) to Erich F. Elstner.
This method unites all alternative and complementary therapies via the common bio photon principle and thus fulfils a central requirement of medicine in the 21st century.

Congratulations in the name of all users and therapists, whom I represent in my role as Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board. They have been employing this principle for years and, after many astounding successes, they communicate it very compellingly, because they themselves are convinced by the therapeutic successes they have witnessed.

Laudatio Innovation Award of the Century 1912-2012 (PDF) >

Perseverance pays off – 12 years of Airnergy

12 years Airnergy at the service of general wellbeing

Twelve years ago today – on 28.09.2000 – the Airnergy company was founded.
The time since then has been characterised by innovation and further development, which has not all been plain sailing. There has been plenty of headwind, not only from the lobby but also from within the company, because wherever people are working on ambitious goals under a lot of pressure, sparks must inevitably fly.
But the conflagration that many predicted never happened – Airnergy arose from the flames stronger and more motivated than ever. You cannot make tempered steel without heat.
Today – with a global orientation and clearly defined goals – Airnergy can look proudly upon many achievements, for example thousands of people in Shanghai, often queuing up for hours to experience their own personal "air spa" in one of the Airnergy demonstration centres now established in China. Such success is inspiring, particularly in a country where holistic medicine occupies a key role both traditionally and in the modern world and is taken for granted as an integral part of everyday medical practice.
And the eyes of the employees around Airnergy founder Guido Bierther shine with justifiable pride whenever they read another of the countless testimonials and letters of thanks expressing human happiness in the form of successful healing outcomes.

Words from the founder

Guido Bierther, founder

Guido Bierther founded the Airnergy company in the millennium year 2000. His motto is:
"To lead a team successfully you must know the way and ideally have reached the goal at least once before."
(borrowed from Dominik Neidhart, yachtsman in Team Alinghi, winner of the Americas Cup)

For the first time he speaks in an in-depth, face-to-face interview about himself and "his Airnergy baby"

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Prof. Klaus Jung congratulates Airnergy for the “Innovation Award of the Century” and publishes his latest expert report

Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Jung, head of the medical advisory board

" [...] Congratulationsin the name of all users and therapists, whom I represent in my role as Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board. [...]"

To read the full text please click HERE

As scientifically-founded opinions the expert reports written by Prof. Klaus Jung (Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board of Airnergy) are an essential link in the objective and plausible chain of arguments in support of Airnergy products. Based on current research results and empirical evaluations of case studies – thus important for users, customers and critics alike.
The latest expert commentary from Prof. Klaus Jung:

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Dr. Holzhüter augments the Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Holzhüter has joined the medical advisory board

The Medical Advisory Board is the medical-scientific backbone of the Airnergy company. Medical specialists, research scientists but also alternative practitioners and conventional medical practitioners with holistic approaches motivate, coordinate, supervise and control the development and manufacture of the Airnergy technologies.
The Advisory Board is now being augmented by Dr. med. Rainer Holzhüter, who has been a registered Health Service doctor with his own practice in Hamburg since 1977 with a general medical as well as alternative orientation. If you think you have seen his face on television, you are right.

With his eloquence, wit and rhetorical finesse he became an audience favourite on talk shows such as "Schreinemakers" or Erich Böhme’s "Talk im Turm", where he once argued the then Health Minister, Horst Seehofer, off the board.
His non-fiction books are best sellers and classics - titles such as “Patients watch out - a German GP reveals all", “Warning, hospital - the plight of German hospitals" or "Surviving despite the Health Service – tips from an insider" reflect his medical and human awareness of the aspects of the German health system that he finds upsetting and frustrating.
Based on his decades of medical experience he often speaks out publicly in favour of alternative methods and so-called "non-standard health service procedures".
For more than twenty years he was active as president of the medical association for applied oxygen therapy and this brought him together with Prof. Klaus Jung, who heads up the medical advisory board of Airnergy.
For various reasons Dr. Holzhüter now considers the Airnergy spirovital method to be superior to other oxygen therapies, which he researched and used with patients during his time as a doctor.

Medical Advisory Board >

My “little brother"(Quote: Guido Bierther): Gold medallist Heinrich Popow

Heinrich Popow wins Gold in London

"Heinrich is a great sportsman – and he is still like a little brother to me,” says the Airnergy founder Guido Bierther. The relationship between the two started at the Paralympics in 2004 with a witty remark made by Popow: Airnergy had offered every German participant in the summer Paralympics a reward for winning a gold medal: one of the Airnergy Professional Plus devices much coveted by competitive sportsmen and women…
Heinrich Popow returned from Athens with three bronze medals (100 metres, 200 metres and long jump) - a sensational achievement. No less impressive his argument during the interview about Airnergy's reward to the gold medallists: "Don't three bronze medals count as one gold?" Popow’s engaging manner melted Guido Bierther’s heart and a friendship was born.
For a long time now Heinrich has been breathing Airnergy – from his own device, of course. The method that was honoured with the Innovation Award of the Century in 2012 supports the body’s endogenous energy balance, physical performance and regeneration in a natural way – and an official investigation by NADA (the National Anti Doping Agency) has confirmed that it does not constitute doping. 
A lovable rogue, who attributes his gold medal in the 2012 Paralympics (London) in the supreme discipline of the 100-metres race to Airnergy. Hard training, perseverance and the skilful guidance of his trainer have led Heinrich Popow to his long-awaited success. Whatever the case, Airnergy sends its hearty congratulations. Keep up the good work, Heinrich!

Product innovation: "Airnergy Stream"

New! Airnergy Stream

The Airnergy methods (somatovitalisation) follow an holistic therapeutic approach and support the body in the battle against oxidative stress (free radicals) amongst other things. In addition to the well-known Airnergy spirovital devices (where energy is provided via the respiratory path) after a trial phase of many years we are now presenting a new product innovation, dermovital technology.  A handy device that delivers energy therapeutically via the skin. The Airnergy "Stream" model is the latest innovation in the family of Airnergy products. With direct external application via the skin the energy (bio photons) acts locally on the affected areas and organs – potential applications include joint problems, rheumatic disorders and various irritations.

Prof. Klaus Jung says: " In dermovital therapy (DVT) energy is produced using the same principle as in spirovital therapy (bio photons) (the Airnergy method)… Firstly the energy that is incorporated transcutaneously or released in the subcutaneous tissue acts directly on the immediate area (skin, vascular system), i.e. affects the local endothelium, local leucocytes and macrophages. Secondly it also apparently spreads through the cells into the surrounding tissue and acts on the local passive and active musculoskeletal system. Thirdly current knowledge indicates that it is stored in hydrogen bridges and transported via the venous system to the epiphysis and acts on the autonomic nervous system."

Product range >

Customer service: Service videos - Your suggestions please

Airnergy – Service for our customers

At Airnergy we attach great value to service. We have therefore created service videos for you to illustrate how to commission and operate the Airnergy devices.
At this point we would like you to help us by telling us what you would like and giving us your suggestions: do you think any more instruction videos are required? As users you are the experts and you know best what information you need.
We are looking forward to receiving your input. You can find the current videos here:

Service Videos >

In brief:

Fourth Airnergy demonstration centre opened in Shanghai
Airnergy is hugely popular in China – the Chinese market is booming. The extraordinarily high level of acceptance is due to the fact that holistic and natural healing methods traditionally hold a firm and unquestioned place in the health system in Asia.
At the end of August a large Airnergy demonstration centre was presented to the public in the global metropolis of Shanghai and the company's founder Guido Bierther and the head of the medical advisory board, Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Jung were present at the opening.

New world record:
Professional motorcycle racer and Airnergy fan Elmar Geulen does 330.43 km/h on a road-legal motorcycle.

Above all the 15th world record by "Mr. Hayabusa" Elmar Geulen should provide new knowledge about safety and driving physics for motorcycles. He drove his enhanced-performance Suzuki Hayabusa with a German road licence at a speed nobody had achieved before him. Geulen: "Essentially I am simulating what every motorcyclist with this performance capability could experience. The existing knowledge about driving physics and therefore safety aspects in this speed range in fact only come from a wind tunnel. A motorcycle and rider that are actually moving are subject to completely different influences – this should be researched."

For many years the professional racer has been breathing Airnergy to supplement his training regime. Does it help? "There is no doubt that my concentration is much improved. Airnergy also has a beneficial effect on my stamina; in addition it helps with regeneration – an important aspect for competitive sportsmen."

Airnergy is supported by Koch International Press Service (IPK)
Public relations work and external and internal communications are important aspects of modern business management. A transparent and informative relationship with customers and business partners is of prime importance.
Since August 2012 Airnergy has been assisted in this by other professionals: Koch International Press Service from Ulm is reinforcing the successful company from Hennef in its media and PR work.

New Book
The book “Breathe freely once more. What every (ex)smoker should know. Natural remedies for COPD and smokers cough“ by Thorsten Hartmeier and Anja Schemionek came out on 20.09.2012. This book gathers together everything worth knowing about COPD and also presents Airnergy as an effective method of treatment.
The book can be obtained online at http://shop.weltinnenraum.de/autor/torsten-hartmeier

Airnergy in Austria
Hans-Jörg Lübcke is the new partner of Airnergy in Austria and he is based in Hall in Tiroll. Mr Lübcke has been trained by Airnergy and now is responsible for customer service and makes a lot of progress with the Spirovitalisation in Austria. He is happy to offer people a genuine method which is advantageous for health and general wellbeing. Please refer to our website for Mr Lübcke’s contact details.
Airnergy is happy about this cooperation and wishes him the best success.


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