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1. Airnergy nominated in the United States

„Green“ Five Star Diamond Award of the "American Acadamy of Hospitality Sciences" based in New York City, USA.

Hennef, 26th August 2013. The high-tech specialist for complementary medical equipment from Hennef has been nominated for the Five Star Diamond Award.  For over 20 years, this international award has been presented in various categories by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences based in New York City, one of the world's leading organizations for the assessment of, amongst others, luxury facilities and the service they provide to discerning guests and clients.

The committee of the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences tested Airnergy in America, and then visited the production site in Hennef near Bonn. Joe Cinque himself, president of the academy, came to see us with two other officials of the Academy. In a video statement during his visit to Hennef he said: "This is an absolutely new world. It is about a very special product. And even produced here in Germany. “Made in Germany“ still happens to be the best. The Airnergy team has a slogan, "We have a dream." Well, I think it is no longer a dream, it‘s a reality."

Following the inspection in Hennef, Airnergy has been nominated for the "Five Star Diamond Award" in the category "Green". It‘s only the second time that this award for environmentally friendly and sustainable energy resources will be presented worldwide. The festive awards ceremony will be held in New York. "In the States, this is a highly estimated award. The prize-giving would be a valuable contribution to significantly increase the level of awareness of Airnergy in the U.S.," says company founder Guido Bierther. In Europe, on the other hand, the medial perception is still modest, as editors and publishers are still shying away from methods such as Airnergy. "The Five Star Diamond Award would help here a little, having mostly been presented to global players such as Mercedes, Audi or Kempinski in the past; but as is often the case, innovative products are successful in the United States first and then go the big step overseas to Germany. Either way, we are grateful for any recognition of our small, revolutionary private health care system."

Apart from the official recognition as a certified medical product in 2010, the Airnergy Spirovital method has been awarded several international industry awards such as:  in 2010, the European Health & Spa Award in the category Innovation;  in 2012, also in the category Innovation, the international "Senses Award" as well as the Century Award of the committee of Europe's leading health and fitness magazine.  No other product, no other brand, no other company has ever received such a prize.  Airnergy is now looking towards New York - full of confidence and joy.

Watch the video of Joseph Cinque, CEO of  the "American Academy of Hospitality Sciences", on the Five Star Diamond Award during his inspection at the Airnergy headquarters in Hennef, here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=emjjP2XFf4o

For more information: www.stardiamondaward.com

2. 13 years Airnergy

Partnership: Guido Bierther and Silko Günzel

13 years ago today – on 28th September 2000 – the patent application of the groundbreaking health method, today‘s Spirovital therapy, was filed. The notarial incorporation of the original company natural energy solutions AG, which then became the present Airnergy AG in Hennef, also took place on the same day.

Driving force prior to the initial phase was Silko Günzel, naturopathic practitioner and former top athlete in the German national swimming team. He convinced the businessman and entrepreneur, Guido Bierther, to direct his investments and future career toward the concept of today's Spirovital therapy.

Differences of opinion and his move to Potsdam provoked Günzel to found his own company, established in Potsdam in 2006. He first developed the brand Active Air which was later followed by SET Oxygen Energy Therapy. Today he returns to Airnergy AG, bringing with him 13 years of knowledge and his belief in the Spirovital technology.

Guido Bierther: "I am delighted that Silko Günzel has decided to again make his temporarily launched brands Active Air and SET, his wealth of knowledge and his practical and educational expertise exclusively available to the co-founded birthplace of Spirovital technology and its brand, Airnergy. Just like us, he has, of course, always strictly guarded our Airnergy formula and protected it against third parties. A happy day and perfect timing for our reunion - the 13th anniversary of Airnergy."

Silko Günzel: "You probably have your own experiences concerning partnership and marriage: fate brings two people together. They share a love hate relationship on cloud 7 which ultimately bursts... and only after years of separation can they recognize and appreciate the why?, wherefore?, and whereto? Then they take their partnership to the second level, in full awareness and knowledge of what they mean to each other. I am really looking forward to my involvement in Airnergy again."

3. We are no do-gooders but…

The Airnergy code of ethics

The following Code of Ethics lays down the values and ideals that characterise the AIRNERGY company and its operating principles. They are mandatory for all employees and define standards, upon which all of AIRNERGY‘s business partners and customers can rely. All over the world.

We are not starry-eyed idealists – but we want to make the world a better place

The world that we live in and the air that we breathe: these are our most important concerns. Our thoughts, feelings and actions are governed by our respect for all life. At the centre are human beings.
Human dignity is sacrosanct. Their health and well-being is our mission and our calling. Our primary objective is to maintain the natural resources available to humans and to preserve these and protect them from harmful influences.

Honesty, openness, loyalty and trust are essential attributes that our business partners and customers can expect from us without reservation.

Consideration and mutual respect are the cornerstones of the work of and cooperation between our employees. Mistrust, jealousy and contempt for our ethical and professional objectives have no place in the AIRNERGY team. The strong help the weak, the healthy reach out a hand to the sick.
Strength is not achieved through individual work; only together are we strong.

All AIRNERGY products are based on scientific work; natural scientists and qualified representatives of the humanities are constantly researching and refining the theoretical premises for them. They act in accordance with their best knowledge and belief - always in line with the ethical guidelines of their respective profession and the AIRNERGY Code of Ethics. Knowledge is not a static thing but moves forward as a result of research, with the aim of advancing mankind.

The driving force behind our products is the professional, quality-oriented and responsible technical implementation of scientific knowledge for the benefit of health (in the sense of the World Health Organisation‘s definition). Here our motto is: Quality consciousness always takes precedence over cost considerations. Health products are not discount goods.

AIRNERGY employees and representatives make no promises of a cure.

4. Airnergy Stream in the Kneipp magazine

Professor Bankhofer and Professor Jung in an interview

The July/August 2013 issue of the Austrian Kneipp-Bund magazine has published an interview with health experts Professor Hademar Hofer and Professor Dr. Klaus Jung about Dermovital therapy with Airnergy Stream. A handy device which, thanks to its versatility, belongs in every domestic medicine cabinet.

View or download editorial and further information on the range of applications for the Airnergy Stream, here:

Article: Professor Bankhofer and Professor Jung in an interview

5. Ten years of experience in clinical practice and medical practice with Airnergy

For more than 10 years now, the clinic "Der Jägerwinkel" in Bad Wiessee at Tegernsee, under the medical direction of Dr. Huber, and the physician Dr. Roger Eisen in Bad Griesbach have relied on Spirovital therapy as a pillar of their respective treatment concepts. Their own satisfaction and the positive feedback from their patients is now documented by appropriate letters of recommendation, ready for viewing here:

We would like to say "thank you" for their trust.

Download Article: Ten years of experience in clinical practice and medical practice with Airnergy

6. Airnergy station with 20 catalysts:

BIO²PHOTONAIR – first prototype ready for use

To combine air and water and energize them naturally is at the core of the Airnergy method.  Now, the strongest ever developed energy transformer has been put into operation. The concentrated energy of 20 Airnergy catalysts flows from a central terminal of the specialised system, BIO²PHOTONAIR. With this, Airnergy positions itself as the world market leader in the field of large scale oxygen activation, launching into industrial system engineering and thus a new product era. "With the Airnergy BIO²PHOTONAIR we focus on the future of water activation in different sectors. The first system with a total of 20 activation units, is going into the cosmetics industry and is eligible for use in a new body lotion, which will be launched this year. The first body cream with energized water content – a world premier!

Experiences with energized water are based on Gastrovital therapy, the scientific studies and measurements of the head of our scientific advisory board, Professor Dr. Klaus Jung, as well as Professor Fritz Albert Popp, the world-renowned pioneer of research in biophotons and energy.
In future, BIO²PHOTONAIR systems will be used in both public and private swimming pools, aquariums and ponds, as well as in the beverage industry or in animal breeding and animal husbandry. Besides humans and plants, horses seem to like the “airnergized“ water as do dogs and cats. They often leave their normal drinking water in favour of the Airnergy alternative. And, as often established, animals are not fooled by the placebo effect.

7. A royal cubit long

The new Airnergy design model “Cheops“

Since its launch in 2010, the design series Avant Garde has proved a success. Those clients who until then had relinquished to Spirovital therapy at home or in the office, not least because the classic Airnergy line is not always appealing enough, can now look forward to a new highlight, the prototype “forged“ under supervision of Kurt Sistig: a pyramid with the exact dimensions and angles of the original great pyramid of Cheops – scaled 1/440. The lower limb dimensions correspond to one royal cubit, exactly 52.36cm. In the construction and true-to-scale calculations of this new design idea, Airnergy‘s CEO, Guido Bierther, had support from well-known egyptologist and pyramid researcher, Axel Klitzke (www.hores.org).

Production of the new model Airnergy "Cheops" with the proven 4-catalyst technology will begin in 2014. Similar to the Avant Garde, individual customer requirements in terms of material and colour will be catered for. The first prototype has been constructed in a sandwich method made of clear and white acrylic glass.  Fine wood finishes are also possible. Another Airnergy model for individuals who, not only during Spirovital therapy, expect "a feast for the eyes".

8. We have a Dream – becomes Reality

ETI Award for Airnergy from German business newspaper, Network-Karriere

In its current issue, with the headline "We have a dream - becomes reality" Network-Karriere, Europe‘s largest business newspaper for direct sales, grants the Airnergy Spirovital therapy with the EIT Award 2013.  ETI stands for Expansion Technology & Innovation.  "We, at Airnergy, feel highly honoured about this recognition and wish to thank the publishing company management, the editorial team and the team of experts for this award", said Guido Bierther, founder of the company.

9. The manual for Somatovital therapy

By Professor Klaus Jung und Dr. Dinah Jung

Somatovital therapy, in scientific terms, refers to the three in-house developed Airnergy therapy methods: Spirovital therapy by breathing with the classic Airnergy devices, Gastrovital therapy by drinking the "energized" water, and the Dermovital therapy called local application of Airnergy Stream.
Over the last few months, Professor Klaus Jung, head of the independent external scientific advisory board, and Dr. Dinah Young, science coordinator at the headquarters in Hennef, developed a guide to the theoretical foundations of Airnergy. In the 4th quarter of this year, the book will appear in stores and be available in university libraries. A subsequent Part 2 of the manual will deal with practical applications as well as previous studies; observations of several million applications.

Advance orders under: info@airnergy.com

10. In brief and new partners

Airnergy Stream effective against “animal“ complaints

Several thousand streams all over the world are being used regularly. All sorts of complaints are being dealt with every day. Customers repeatedly confirm that the stream is remarkable and belongs in every medicine chest. Obviously, our "four-legged friends" benefit enormously as well. Whether dog, cat or horse, pet owners like to use Dermovital therapy also on their charges and tell us about their often bewildering experiences. We are only too happy to follow the suggestions of our customers and are providing a brochure for the use of Airnergy Stream.

View or download leaflet and further information on Airnergy dermovital therapy, here:

Download Brochure: Airnergy Stream effective against “animal“ complaints

Airnergy is a member of the German Medical Wellness Association

The “Deutsche Medical Wellness Verband e.V.“ (DMWV) regards itself as the stakeholder of the consumer, as well as the operators and providers of Medical Wellness. Their declared aim, next to reputable public relations and information, is to check – also in the light of research results of conventional medicine, complementary medicine and salutogenesis – the quality standards by which medical wellness providers are certified, corresponding products are tested and technical terms relating to Medical Wellness are protected.
The DMWV is headed by an executive board from a scientific advisory board, whose members come from complementary medicine, hospitality and tourism, environmental protection, sociology, marketing, staff training, and project development. The organization is based in Berlin. More Info

Callback service for prospective and new customers via the Internet

The various video contributions on Airnergy‘s Spirovital technology on YouTube (www.youtube.com/user/airnergcom) and other video portals have been clicked more than 50,000 times. These and the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/airnergy) experience a positive reception and are updated daily by Udo Bertram. One of the reasons why the Airnergy website is visited by about 1,000 new potential clients every day; many requesting specialist consultation by telephone at a time of their choice. To this end, the new contact page has been set up.

„Media make it or break it“

Working reliable public relations and thus building confidence for the purpose of "smallest climatic health resort in the world" are the maxims and duties of professional journalists, Heidi Müller and Christa Jäger-Schrödl. In addition to the corporate communications, which are coordinated from headquarters in Hennef, announcements and news are generated almost daily in Berlin and Munich reaching the reader through newspapers, trade magazines, general press distributions and specialist forums as well as internet search engines of Airnergy.

Cooperation between Links (HK) Ltd. and Airnergy

"My first encounter with the Airnergy technology dates back as far as 5 years when I was introduced to Guido Bierther. After a brief presentation, he encouraged me to use one of his products to see whether or not it could help alleviate the side effects I was experiencing resulting from a severe case of sarcoidosis to the lungs. The illness left the lungs irreparably scarred which in turn often left me out of breath.

Understandably, my fascination for the products and technology grew as my overall well-being and general quality of life improved considerably, allowing me to be more active and less susceptible to shortness of breath.

In my role as CEO of an international product development company with access to considerable technical resource, I launched a project to research the background and roots of the Spirovital technology with a view to improving performance as well as exploring other forms of application.

Earlier this year, Guido and I met again socially. The ensuing mutually successful discussions led to us evaluating the opportunities a cooperation between our companies could present us and today, it is with great pleasure and pride that we announce the commencement of a new exclusive venture for our companies whereby we combine resources for product development on the one hand and, on the other, build a new distribution centre for Airnergy in the Asia Pacific region with initial focus on Hong Kong and Macao.

I look forward to developing this relationship over the coming years and doing everything we can to increase public awareness of the Airnergy brand as well as acceptance of this groundbreaking and effective technology.

It is our duty to our customers, not only to provide them with market leading, innovative products, but also to help a large span of people inflicted by an equally broad, diverse array of symptoms and return to them some of the forfeited quality of life."

Mike Brailey

Airnergy partner for Switzerland

Business woman and graduate beautician Andrea Lehr and her partner, entrepreneur Günter W. Reichelt, represent Airnergy in Switzerland. For about 10 years, they have placed their trust, both professionally and privately, in Spirovital therapy with Airnergy, based on their own experiences and those of their numerous Airnergy clients.
Their company, BeautyPerfect, is situated in Zurich. Swiss Airnergy clients and those who would like to become one may rest assured: competent support and consulting is available. In future, lectures and training both for clients and distribution partners will also be offered in Zurich, as well as technical support and other professional services.
For more info www.airnergy.ch

New partner for the UAE

"Having grown up in the North of Sweden in a healthy environment as a child and since travelled the world during my business career. One cannot but notice the circumstances that people live under, rich and poor.
Therefore I am truly motivated by the scientific studies and excellent achievement by Mr Guido Bierther and his team.
I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to represent 'AIRNERGY' in the Middle East.
Being that AIRNERGY is a painless therapy that promotes a preventative approach to medicine practices, I believe the energised air is the only way forward for generations to come.
I am proud to be part of such innovative environment."

Louise M.K.Adelstrand


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