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Think of a sliced apple: contact with oxygen colours it brown after just a few minutes, oxidising it and, in a sense, rusting it. Similarly, in the cells in our body harmful oxidising effects take place every second of our life as a result of free radicals. Airnergy supports the functioning of the cells in stabilising the oxidation balance by improving the way in which they utilize oxygen. This has an anti-aging effect.

We at Airnergy are of the opinion that you have to get down to the root of a problem to be able to solve it – for Anti-Aging this means building an oxidative protecting system and the reduction of harmful free radicals*.

Face packs, lotions etc. just have an external effect and therefore often fail because the process of aging starts inside the body, in every single cell. Airnergy has developed a method which exactly starts at this point – in every single cell.

Numerous reports of Airnergy users as well as scientific studies confirm that Airnergy significantly improves the utilization of oxygen in the cells.

The Airnergy Therapy can easily be used anywhere at any time: In wellness institutes and spas, in fitness centers, cosmetic salons, clinics and private practices as well as at one’s own private resort in a family home.

* “From the perspective of the disturbed homeostasis (self-regulation) between the formation and neutralization of radicals, practically all diseases can be defined as radical diseases.” (Prof. Böhles, Report by the German Medical Association [Deutscher Kassenarztverband], 1995)

Airnergy was the first to develop a medical therapy which due to its holistic effects can be used as treatment for many different symptoms. Thanks to the experience of several million treatments the Airnergy method can be counted as success. Furthermore Airnergy meets broad acceptance in conservative and orthodox medicine. Airnergy not only is used to treat illnesses but can be used even earlier for health prevention and regeneration purposes. Airnergy is used in medical circles by doctors and patients but also in commercial institutions, companies and in family homes.

Please find further information on spirovitalisation and what Airnergy can do for you in the main menu above.

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