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Complementary medicine

The term complementary medicine derives from the Latin word “complementum” and means “to supplement”. Therefore the term already indicates what function methods from the field of complementary medicine have: they are used to supplement orthodox treatments. As a synonym for complementary medicine the term alternative medicine is used. Medical experts make use of the abbreviation CAM (=complementary and alternative medicine).

The natural respiratory supplement by Airnergy is a successful method in the field of complementary medicine which gains increasing acceptance in orthodox medicine. The physicians Prof. Klaus Jung, Dr. Stefan Brauweiler and Dr. Evren Atabas support Airnergy with their medical advice. Roland Tennie is a non-medical practitioner and completes the medical-scientific council.

Homeopathy and acupuncture probably are the best known complementary methods and have a long tradition. It is regarded as a proven fact that in the 2nd century BC acupuncture has been used for the first time. Therefore complementary medicine is one of the oldest forms of medicine.

Nowadays there is a huge interest in alternative treatments. Leading organisations and universities take account of this fact. In an increasing number of studies scientists look for reliable evidence for the effectiveness of this medical branch which can supplement and complete methods from orthodox medicine.

Complementary medicine: a gentle companion. Airnergy works without chemicals.

When treating illnesses e.g. patients suffering from cancer or COPD have to take a lot of medicine and thus a lot of chemical substances to fight the disease. It is especially in those cases when practitioners look for supplementing methods without risks and side effects which they often find among methods of complementary medicine.

Airnergy is regarded as leading respiratory supplement because it exclusively relies on the biological meaning of oxygen and completely goes without adding any extraneous substances or artificially increasing the level of oxygen.

Airnergy was the first to develop a medical therapy which due to its holistic effects can be used as treatment for many different symptoms. Thanks to the experience of several million treatments the Airnergy method can be counted as success. Furthermore Airnergy meets broad acceptance in conservative and orthodox medicine. Airnergy not only is used to treat illnesses but can be used even earlier for health prevention and regeneration purposes. Airnergy is used in medical circles by doctors and patients but also in commercial institutions, companies and in family homes.

Please find further information on spirovitalisation and what Airnergy can do for you in the main menu above.

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