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COPD stands for the medical term Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and describes a symptom where the bronchioles become constricted. Serious results are a shortage of breath and a chronic increase of phlegm production. Because the bronchioles are constricted too much air stays in the lungs. The result: COPD patients cannot inhale enough fresh air and thus suffer from dyspnea and a decrease of resilience.

Less physical activity leads to muscle atrophy, the cardiovascular system becomes affected. Unfortunately up to today chronic diseases can not be cured but it is possible to bring relief with the help of increasing the utilization of oxygen in the body cells. The understanding of Airnergy is “We cannot change the body but we can change the air we breathe.”

In combination with methods from orthodox medicine, energized respiratory air, as it is produced with the Airnergy Spirovitalisation, is often used to treat COPD. Many reports of COPD patients show that even with this severe chronic lung disease the Airnergy method significantly can improve the quality of life.

Airnergy was the first to develop a medical therapy which due to its holistic effects can be used as treatment for many different symptoms. Thanks to the experience of several million treatments the Airnergy method can be counted as success. Furthermore Airnergy meets broad acceptance in conservative and orthodox medicine. Airnergy not only is used to treat illnesses but can be used even earlier for health prevention and regeneration purposes. Airnergy is used in medical circles by doctors and patients but also in commercial institutions, companies and in family homes.

Please find further information on spirovitalisation and what Airnergy can do for you in the main menu above.

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