Heart rate variability = HRV

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Heart rate variability = HRV

The term heart rate variability (HRV) describes the ability of the human body to vary the interval between two heartbeats and this is regulated by the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The heart rate variability is of great importance as it is just this variability which makes the human body able to adapt to every situation (e.g. stress, sport, rest) and to regenerate. It was already in the 3rd century A.D. when the Chinese doctor Wang Shuhe found out that a regular heartbeat can cause death.

The human heartbeat is controlled and regulated by the autonomic nervous system (ANS) which consists of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve. The sympathetic nerve activates the rhythm of the heart and takes care that the human body is ready for action every time. However, the parasympathetic nerve is responsible for rest and relaxation of the organism.

Suffering form a chronic disease such as asthma or sleeping disorders or being constantly stressed can have negative effects on the HRV. The autonomic nervous system cannot regulate properly and this results in limitations of the HRV and a reduction of the ability to adapt to all situations.

The Airnergy method has a positive effect on the body’s own regulative power when suffering from stress, burnout or diseases of the respiratory tract such as COPD. The Spirovital Therapy makes use of the oxygen and energy potential present in normal respiratory air and can help to stimulate the intracellular energy production (ATP). With this energy (ATP = energy currency of the cells) the human body is better able to control and regulate all processes, the ANS can work much better. With the help of the so called ANS-analysis the improvement of the HRV after a treatment with Airnergy is clearly measurable. Experiences of thousands of treatments have proven this as well.

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Airnergy was the first to develop a medical therapy which due to its holistic effects can be used as treatment for many different symptoms. Thanks to the experience of several million treatments the Airnergy method can be counted as success. Furthermore Airnergy meets broad acceptance in conservative and orthodox medicine. Airnergy not only is used to treat illnesses but can be used even earlier for health prevention and regeneration purposes. Airnergy is used in medical circles by doctors and patients but also in commercial institutions, companies and in family homes.

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