Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve

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Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve

The sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve are two differently working nerves of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and are responsible for the unconscious control of most organs. On the one hand the sympathetic nerve takes care that all organs are always ready to start working immediately. On the other hand the parasympathetic nerve helps the organs to regenerate. This is why the sympathetic nerve could also be called “working nerve” and the parasympathetic nerve could be called “nerve of relaxation”.

The parasympathetic nerve is responsible for relaxation, protection and rest. It takes care of building up the body’s own reserves and that the body has time to relax. Thus the parasympathetic nerve again and again strengthens the body’s performance (trophotrop metabolic pathways).

The sympathetic nerve is responsible for the ergotrop pathways which means that it takes care of always keeping the body ready for action, e.g. when being stressed or in danger. The sympathetic nerve pushes the body to top performance. It is important to mention that both nerves cannot intentionally be influenced or controlled.

The autonomic nervous system controls essential body functions such as heartbeat, blood pressure, digestion, metabolism and respiration. When being ill the interplay between the two nerves can be disturbed which results in a limitation of the before mentioned functions and thus leads to a decrease of life quality.

The Airnergy Spirovital Therapy has a beneficial holistic effect on the body and directly affects the autonomic nervous system. Following the example of photosynthesis oxygen is turned into a state the body is familiar with and is able to utilize it. The Spirovitalisation supports the body to optimally utilize oxygen and to convert it into energy.

The heart rate variability (HRV) serves as a perfect example for this positive influence. Under the direction of Prof. Kuno Huttenrott studies were conducted at Martin-Luther-University in Halle (Germany) which measured the heart rate variability. The result: already the first treatment with the Airnergy Therapy can increase the ability of the autonomic nervous system to regulate itself. The whole system “body” is balanced with the help of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve. This fact and the medical evaluation by Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Jung led to Airnergy Spirovital Therapy being officially tested and certified as medical product.

Airnergy was the first to develop a medical therapy which due to its holistic effects can be used as treatment for many different symptoms. Thanks to the experience of several million treatments the Airnergy method can be counted as success. Furthermore Airnergy meets broad acceptance in conservative and orthodox medicine. Airnergy not only is used to treat illnesses but can be used even earlier for health prevention and regeneration purposes. Airnergy is used in medical circles by doctors and patients but also in commercial institutions, companies and in family homes.

Please find further information on spirovitalisation and what Airnergy can do for you in the main menu above.

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