What credentials does Airnergy have?

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What credentials does AIRNERGY have?

Airnergy appeals to everyone who wishes to take responsibility for their own health. Many of you tell us about your personal experiences. Unfortunately, we are unable to publicise here the many letters, calls or visits from our users since the strict German Law on Advertising in the Healthcare System (Heilmittelwerbegesetz) prevents us from doing so. We would love to tell you about people who now use Airnergy as a source of sustenance. Often they had experienced long periods of suffering and in some cases had been told there was nothing more that could be done for them before they came across Airnergy. Their quality of life, wellbeing and condition is now closely linked with their use of Airnergy. The many thousands of people around the world, from New York to Tokyo, from Stockholm to Istanbul, from Sydney to Berlin use several million applications each year in total. All these people are our most valuable commodity. We would love to personally introduce them all. Your experiences, your successes, your emotions and convictions speak for themselves. But unfortunately we are not allowed to do so.

What we are allowed to mention, however, are the many international celebrities from the world of sport, politics and entertainment, who could no longer imagine a life without Airnergy. You will see that among them are a number of well-known names from the world of professional and endurance sports. There is obviously a reason for this. But again, we are only able to publicise this information to professional groups. Therefore we will let the names speak for themselves.

These well-known personalities use, love and recommend Airnergy:

Herbert Grönemeyer - singer

Ottmar Hitzfeld – Manager of the Swiss national football team

Joey Kelly – all-rounder and extreme sports athlete

Dieter Tscholek – Chief physiotherapist with Bayer 04 Leverkusen

Norbert Blüm – former federal minister

Rudolf Dressler – social policy expert

1. FC Köln (German football club, based in Cologne)

Ewald Lienen – 1860 München sports club coach

Rubens Barrichello – racing driver

Frank Stippler – Audi test driver

Robbie Maddison - Australian extreme sports competitor

Andrea Brede / Triathlon is an official Airnergy user

Frank Ullrich / national coach – and also the men’s national biathlon team coach

Heidi Hartmann – boxing world champion

Marcus Baur – professional handball player

Sven Heidfeld – racing driver (and family)

Allan Johansen – Danish racing cyclist

Sascha Maassen – Porsche test driver

Anthony Netto – professional golfer

Heinrich Popow – athlete, multiple Paralympics medallist

René Rast – racing driver

Eve Scheer – racing driver

Bernd Schmelz – racing cyclist

Manuela Schmermund – competed in the air rifle standing at the Paralympics

Ondrej Sosenka – racing cyclist

And Balbir Singh, Formula 1 physiotherapist, who looked after Michael Schumacher for 10 years

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