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Advisory Council

Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Jung, Head of Advisory Council

Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Jung is internist, doctor for sports medicine and natural remedy and has led the department for sports medicine of Johannes-Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany for 25 years. Prof. Dr. med. Jung is known for more than 1,000 lectures, 100 books and articles as well as about 500 publications. He is board member of the "International Prevention Organsisation”.

Among specialist circles Prof. Jung is known as expert for oxygen therapies and energy metabolism. For about 5 years now he works with Airnergy and leads and coordinates the external and independent department for science and research.
His contact to numerous users and last but not least his personal experience with Airnergy-Spirovital-Therapy have contributed to the fact that he has formed a solid basis for the Spirovital-Therapy to be accepted among experts and that Airnergy might be used as a basic therapy in orthodox medicine e.g. for regulation.

Stefan Brauweiler, Doctor of Medicine

Doctor of Medicine and general practitioner Stefan Brauweiler is just as well specializing in chiropractic, homeopathy, natural healing,  psychological therapy, sports medicine, acupuncture and anthroposophical medicine (GAÄD).

In his private practice “Rheinmedica”  ( located in Rheinbach not far from the city of Bonn, Dr. Stefan Brauweiler acupunctures his patients, he applies natural healing therapies and traditional Chinese medicine.  For seven years, Dr. Brauweiler has been supplementing diverse therapies by the AIRNERGY respiratory therapy;  he could thus achieve considerable success in the fields of migraine, muscle tenseness and burnout, to name just a few.

Roland Tennie, Heilpraktiker

In his modern Essen  practices, Roland Tennie, German alternative practitioner specializing in natural healing practices, complementary medicine (CAM) and preventive medicine offers a wide-range spectrum of diagnoses and therapies  that have proved in practice.

R. Tennie  ( comprehends his entire therapeutic concept to complement current orthodox medicine therapies.  If his diagnose implies further examination, Roland Tennie is very well prepared to initiate what is needful in cooperation with the family doctor or medical co-operation partners. 

His very modern facilities allow - in-house -  general clinical check-ups,  ECG-diagnose and pulmonary function tests (PFT).  Hand in hand with other methods of therapy, the basic AIRNERGY Spiro-Vital-Therapy is very often called for, especially if patients are suffering from COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Parkinson’s disease, disturbances of blood supply, and also heavy-metal  detoxication.  

A number of energy-sources made by AIRNERGY is available in R. Tennies practice in order to avoid long waits.

Dr. med. Evren Atabas

Dr. med. Evren Atabas is specialist for physical medicine and rehabilitation, sports medicine, acupuncture, homoeopathy and chiropractic therapy. The Airnergy Spirovital Therapy is, among others, an integral part of his successful treatment of patients in his new and first class equipped practice, located in Berliner Freiheit 20-24, 53111 Bonn ( In 2006 Dr. Atabas was working as senior consultant at the Medical Center in Bonn in the Department of Physiological Regulating Medizine (PRM). This was where he used Airnergy for the first time and gained insight into the Airnergy method. Due to this and many years of experience with the Airnergy therapy, his interest in researching this method grew that much that he joined the scientific council of Airnergy and now passionately supports ongoing research.


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