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Airnergy was founded by Guido Bierther (born 1965) on 28.09.2000

His credo:

"To lead a team successfully one must know the way and must ideally have already reached the goal once before."
(borrowed from Dominik Neidhart, yachtsman in Team Alinghi, winner of the XXXI Americas Cup).

Guido Bierther, Founder of Airnergy

Koch International Press Service (IPK):
Mr Bierther, would you describe Airnergy as a good ship that you have had to steer through stormy waters for a few years before it is now finally “seaworthy”?

Guido Bierther:
Your question uses a metaphor and I am not sure whether I am interpreting it correctly. However, I will try to expand upon it:  if the idea of a “good ship” refers to the therapeutic innovations that we at Airnergy have been working on scientifically, economically and creatively for more than ten years now, I would agree with you. The health system in which we operate could well be compared to stormy waters (sometimes even to a shark pond) – the same applies to its established structures.

…and you are the captain, your employees the crew?

Guido Bierther:
Again your metaphor is not so far from the mark, although I don’t really feel like the captain of a crew. You see, the Airnergy team – that is the expression that I prefer – is made up of qualified employees from many different fields.

First of all we have Research and Development; this consists primarily of experts from our Medical Advisory Board. It is experienced doctors from holistic medicine, but also competitive athletes, their coaches and performance diagnosticians who move our research and development work forward, provide us with creative ideas and also check for effectiveness. In the interests of continuous further development they evaluate the numerous practical observations and private experiential reports from young and old, which we receive regularly.

Then there is the Production side. Our products are to a large extent handmade; we are not a production line producer with robots but a manufacturer with a German-based factory. Here we only work with system components of the highest quality that have been thoroughly tested.   In this way we are able to meet our own self-imposed high standards in product quality and safety.

In terms of the market, we move in the premium sector and accordingly we have a personal investment in making Airnergy products to the highest possible standard. Our watchwords are long-term freedom from maintenance, sustainability, user friendliness and low complaint quota and these should never become merely empty promises.

Then there is also Advice and Sales…

Guido Bierther:
…Correct:  this is our contact with our customers. To guarantee them that Airnergy products are at the forefront of what is technically and economically feasible; to give them and their families honest security of investment - that is the job of our specialist advisors, service technicians and sales people.
Finally my job is to coordinate all of these initiatives and to keep them in a constant and sensible state of balance.

So you are the captain after all?

Guido Bierther
That sounds a bit too authoritarian to me.   Again – everything is a team effort; in my opinion there are no “small cogs in the wheel”. We are all jointly responsible. However, somebody has to be the top decision-maker, the person ultimately responsible for coordinating all activities; somebody must look after the ultimate marketability of the products and the social security of internal and external employees. So that is me – and in this respect I am the team leader, or boss, if you prefer.

The Airnergy model AvantGarde has been designed by Guido Bierther and was awarded with the European Health and Spa Award in 2010 and the SENSES Wellness Award in 2012

I also have full responsibility in the area of product design. Nevertheless: if I cannot be on the same level as the employees, it doesn’t work. It is very important to me to be in direct contact with everybody and to be informed about everything, insofar as possible. And, by the way, that is why I am working hard to set up an even faster information system between the employees and myself. I call it the ideas superhighway.

In entering the market place Airnergy has had to navigate difficult territory.   Your products relate to holistic medicine; you yourself refer to the results of your research and development or its application as a “small revolution to democratise preventative medicine”.

Guido Bierther:
And that it is exactly what it is – however, alongside the focus on prevention there is also a small revolution in holistic therapy; in particular in the treatment of chronic diseases and also burn-out syndrome, for example. Airnergy benefits well-being in general.

You promise a real situation where the air that we breathe - which we take completely for granted and which is completely free - is improved so that we can generate more life force from it. However, to play Devil's advocate, that would come at a cost. Does that not automatically attract sceptics and detractors into the arena?

Guido Bierther:
The sceptics and detractors are not our real problem but rather the polemics that they -and the Lobby - use. Your question makes the subject sound quite grotesque – let me try to put it in context: in fact the air that we breathe is the only metabolic component that is freely available to us. We have to pay for all our food, even for our drinking water.

However - you could almost say: sadly – our bodies only use a fraction of the atmospheric oxygen that we breathe in. As we get older, if we are weakened by stress or disease, but also due to adverse environmental or living conditions and lack of exercise, we can utilise even less than normal. The majority of the atmospheric oxygen we breathe in is therefore breathed out again unused. And, by the way, that is the reason why we are able to save people’s lives using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.  

We pay much more attention to the quality and energy content of our food and often spend a lot of money buying “vitamin-rich", "organic”, “lactose-free”.   And, of course, we do not want to pay for products that are not good for our health or are even detrimental.

But our respiratory air and the oxygen it contains (21 %), without which life could not exist at a cellular level, we are supposed to accept without any critical appraisal? Have not the world, the air and the atmosphere also changed? Our air is slowly becoming visible – but who checks and ensures its quality for us, as is taken for granted in the case of drinking water?

And so at Airnergy we looked over Nature’s shoulder to see how we could improve our respiratory air. Because, at the end of the day, respiratory air is our most important nutrient and our most important medicine.

We could live without food for many days and we could live without water for a few days (depending upon temperature conditions). However, without the oxygen in the air that we breathe the first brain cells start to die after approximately 3 minutes; death would occur very quickly.

Is your message: the air that we breathe requires a higher percentage of oxygen? Like the oxygen therapy approaches of Manfred von Ardenne?

Guido Bierther:
No, quite the contrary. Professor Ardenne’s research looks at the quantity of oxygen in respiratory air (that is up to a concentration of 100 %). To put it simply, Airnergy is more concerned with the quality of atmospheric oxygen.   We do not want to provide the organism with any additional oxygen but rather to improve its quality, that is to say how the existing atmospheric oxygen is used in the cells. Medically this is known as utilisation. Airnergy does this in the same way as Nature has done for millions of years in the photosynthesis process.  This is done technologically using artificial sunlight and a catalyst that replicates the function of plant chlorophyll.

Airnergy - Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Jung

Prof. Dr. med Klaus Jung, head of Airnergy's advisory council

Professor Klaus Jung, the head of Airnergy’s Medical Advisory Board, worked and researched  closely with Manfred von Ardenne for many years. In his capacity as Head of the Department for Sports Medicine at Mainz University (which, thanks to his initiative and skill, was renamed in 1997 and is now the “Department for Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation and Prevention”), which post he held until 2007 when he retired, he worked intensively with topics relating to nutrition and sports medicine.

However, the focus of his scientific work was always the natural healing methods of complementary medicine for prevention, rehabilitation and the treatment of chronic diseases.  Given this background, he is investigating in particular the use of the existing oxygen therapies for possible application in diagnoses such as burnout syndrome, sleep disorders, COPD and metabolic disorders.
As a result of his scientific findings he has focused for many years now on Spirovital therapy as a holistic method of prevention and treatment after, as previously mentioned, investigating methods such as oxygen multi-step therapy, ionisation or ozone therapy for their effectiveness.

How does spirovital therapy work?

Guido Bierther:
Well - it would be beyond the bounds of this discussion to explain the whole process in scientific detail. Airnergy develops devices with activating units (catalysts) that physically convert the low-energy triplet oxygen contained in our respiratory air into an energy-rich state.

Our bodies recognise the resulting singlet oxygen, since the body’s own cells constantly produce this form of oxygen as part of typical metabolic reactions.    A patented method is used to bring about this conversion and this technically simulates a biological process – similar to photosynthesis in plants.

The singlet oxygen is very short-lived and reverts back to its original state (triplet oxygen) after a few milliseconds, thereby releasing organically usable energy. It is all about this energy, which is combined in the Airnergy transformers with the vital elements of water and air. In practical terms: water molecules serve as a sort of carrier medium in our bodies. The “energy-laden” air that is produced is simply taken in via a lightweight nasal cannula and is therefore able to carry out its revitalising function throughout the entire body.

What are the effects on our health?

Guido Bierther:
It has a positive holistic effect. Spirovital therapy, which is the name that science gives to the respiratory therapy based on the Airnergy concept, is especially suitable for prevention but also forms the basis for holistic treatment and regeneration – that is for prevention, maintenance, restoration and regeneration at a cellular level, because this is the level where all diseases become chronic.

Regular use results in a general increase in stamina, the promotion of healthy sleep and strengthening of the immune system. These form the basis for self healing. Thus the body regulates itself so that overall one again has more energy, a better quality of life, more refreshing sleep and an enhanced sense of well-being.

Are these facts confirmed?

Guido Bierther:
Here it is important to be honest and careful: as far as “confirmed facts” are concerned, this is the situation. A long time ago it was regarded as a confirmed fact that the Earth was flat. This was revised when it was discovered that the Earth is actually round.

Another fallacy, that was previously regarded as confirmed fact, comes from nutritional theory and is the reason why children from many generations hate spinach. Parents were so convinced of the high, health-promoting iron content of this vegetable that they forced it down their offspring. "Eat lots of spinach and you will grow big and strong like Popeye the sailorman."
What was the source of this myth about the extraordinary iron content of this wonder vegetable, which has since been shown to be untrue? In 1890 the physiologist Gustav von Bunge determined the iron content of 100 g of spinach as 35 mg, which was correct. However, he had tested dried spinach, which contains 10 times as much iron as the same amount of fresh spinach. The fact that concentrate was being compared with fresh vegetables was soon forgotten: the myth about a vegetable that could cure signs of deficiency went round the world and still persists today – to the detriment of many spinach-stuffed children.

The success of Airnergy is documented and confirmed by millions of treatments and countless medical-scientific reports. Doctors, therapists and patients all agree on its positive effect. We have files full of national and international acknowledgements and awards for Airnergy products; an example is the SENSES Innovation Award which was recently presented to us Dubai. This is the most renowned prize awarded by the international wellness, hotel and spa sector. We are very happy, proud and grateful to have received it.

The “Medical Plus” Airnergy model was officially certified by the “Eurocat Institute for Certification and Testing” in Darmstadt and, following clinical and technical testing, it was officially licensed as a medical device. It therefore passed the rigorous tests specified in Appendix V, Section 3 of the Council Directive 93/42/EEC of 14 June 1993.

Guido Bierther and Toni Mathis - MERCEDES AMG DTM

Guido Bierther together with Toni Mathis who introduced Airnergy to the Mercedes AMG DTM team

We are also proud that Airnergy is used in top-level international sport. For example, Airnergy spirovital therapy is an integral part of the physiotherapy programme for the AMG Mercedes DTM Team. The eight drivers and also some of the representatives and mechanics rely on Airnergy as a legal method of increasing stamina, concentration and regeneration. Toni Mathis, who has been a physiotherapist for the AMG Mercedes DTM Team for more than twenty years, was sufficiently interested in Airnergy to test it within the team as part of a long-term study. Now – after the two year test period – it has been decided to use it.
Even top Formula 1 drivers rely on Airnergy. One of them is the 2009 world champion, Jenson Button.

So, to answer your question: yes, in our opinion Airnergy is based on confirmed facts – if indeed such a thing exists. Airnergy 100 % fulfils the known criteria of experiential medicine. However, we would not deny anybody the right to critically question these facts. And besides - is there not some truth in the saying, "He who heals is right"?

You have sometimes been on the receiving end of criticism, sometimes objective, sometimes less so…

Guido Bierther:
I repeat: we welcome criticism. So long as it is constructive and objective, it helps us in our scientific efforts. I am not in favour of attacks from the anonymity of the internet, which are clearly often designed by the Lobby to hinder the progress of a holistic method of treatment and to damage us financially. I encourage every one of our critics to enter into an open dialogue with me and with our scientific colleagues. Even in public – but in a legitimate way and with open visors.

The concept of “holistic medicine” appears to play an important part in your deliberations and in your work. Today “holistic medicine” has become quite a fashionable word. What do you personally understand by it?

Guido Bierther:
By definition holistic medicine means concepts and methods within the sphere of medicine, which look at and treat sick people and nature in an all-encompassing context. This approach has given rise to various natural philosophical, social, ecological or even political views, which can be discussed at length.

Broadly I agree with the more recent concepts, which regard the human-being as a system that is open to the outside, the components of which – body and physical organs, mind, spirit and personality – are in a reciprocal relationship with each other and with the outside world, or perhaps better expressed: the social, ecological and man-made environment (technology and science).

The human-being as a bio-psycho-social entity and its interaction with the environment is a complex system – there are inter-relationships and links, causes and effects, which simply do not allow isolated consideration of individual aspects. It is the opposite of this, seeing things in a holistic way, which seems to me - and others - to be the right approach.

In terms of medicine and healing this means: in all of its diagnostic and therapeutic actions holistic medicine considers the body, mind, spirit and environment of the person.   To look at the body alone – and possibly only individual parts of it – can never be more than a piecemeal approach. Many causes of illness, loss of energy, sleep disorders and disease remain unexplained and therefore persist as triggers for new problems.  The aim of every preventative method or treatment should be to consider all factors involved in becoming and being ill; it is not enough to consider and treat the currently prevailing symptoms of the disease in isolation.

Does that not sound a bit esoteric?

Guido Bierther:
Only if the intention is to interpret it in this way right from the start. The term "esoteric" is used for a broad spectrum of very different spiritual and occult teachings and practices – and the scientific concepts of Airnergy have nothing to do with these.
On the other hand, the scientifically acknowledged teachings of famous philosophers, researchers and doctors are also assigned to the realm of esoterica – an example of this is Paracelsus. His knowledge and efficacy is regarded as being comprehensive; his success in healing was legendary but this earned him the embittered hostility of established doctors and pharmacists. Since 1952 the Paracelsus medal has been the highest award in the medical profession for deserving doctors in Germany awarded by the German Doctors Conference.

The fact is: in Central Europe and particularly in Germany functional alternative or complementary methods of prevention and treatment are often stigmatised with unscientific scepticism and denial, whereas in other countries and markets they have long been acknowledged as being progressive and beneficial. Once again it is often purely about the profit-oriented interests of the Lobby.

Guido Bierther, South-China 2012

Guido Bierther on a lecture in Guangzhou, South China, 2012

In Asia – in otherwise completely modern and progressive countries – it is completely normal for the knowledge of traditional holistic medicine to exist on an equal status alongside conventional medicine and often to be used in combination with it or completely separately. Surprisingly these countries are often those which the European economies and societies envy for their low sickness levels. It would not hurt our health system, which is now obviously at a standstill and is characterised by lobbyism, to risk thinking outside the box for a moment. According to the definition of “health” given by the World Health Organisation WHO: “Health is a state of complete physical, social and mental wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” (WHO website)
Moreover, the Federal Ministry for Education, Science, Research and Technology offers the definition: “Health is understood as a multi-dimensional phenomenon and goes way beyond the absence of disease.”

The Airnergy devices are not cheap and at first glance they would seem to be expensive. How do you justify the high price? It is certainly not just because of their material value?

Guido Bierther:
First of all: I am not going to justify the price because it does not require any justification or defence. However, I can help you to have a better understanding of how the price is reached. The health market in which we operate is not a discount market. Whenever it is a question of maintaining or regaining health, product responsibility is of paramount importance because it is about people, their safety and statutory tests and requirements that have to be fulfilled.

This begins with responsible production and the choice of suppliers. In our case this means: devices made of high-quality materials and high-quality components, which are handmade by qualified employees and certified. They are made in Germany and therefore German pay-rates and costs apply. Just like you and me our employees have to go shopping when they finish work, have to pay their rent every month and meet their families' living costs.   Because, according to the regulatory text they " … come into direct or indirect contact with patients…” our medical devices must pass through specially checked and controlled Quality Assurance procedures. They must be of the highest safety standard. Once again, highly-qualified employees and test personnel are involved in control and QA and they must be paid commensurate with their work.  

Airnergy-Headquarter in Hennef

Airnergy Headquarters in Hennef, Germany

Last but not least, Airnergy is the result of a long and expensive research and development process. That also costs money. For this we are offering our customers and users devices that are practically maintenance-free and of the highest quality. The guaranteed life of the Airnergy devices must therefore be an important factor in your assessment of the cost-benefit ratio. Moreover: our complaints quota is practically zero.

If you assume a practically maintenance-free service life of ten years, it is easy to calculate: per day you only spend a few cents for the health promoting effects of Airnergy spirovital therapy for yourself, your partner or your family including children. The same applies to commercial customers or spas, who can extend their range of services with a well-received new component. And (smiles): if you consider how much you can spend each year on over-the-counter preparations, medicines, creams and liquids where the patient information leaflets even promises you what side-effects you can have.

Do you yourself believe in the positive effects of Airnergy?

Guido Bierther:
In my case it is not really a question of believing. Even for me it was a question of overcoming initial scepticism and doubt and having enough trust to try out something that our body has always known but the importance of which we do not always appreciate. And what is more important than the air that we breathe?

I will gladly tell you some of my personal history with Airnergy: After my training as an industrial salesman I was already independently successful at the age of 18 or 19. Apart from this I also took part in competitive sport.

Through no fault of my own I had a serious accident, which threatened to pull the rug out from under me. In an instant I went from being a competitive athlete to a person with a permanent disability of my lower limbs. However, I was insured and the compensation put me in a position to create the basis for a new future.
After the defining period of operations, rehabilitation and recovery, I came to the decision to commit myself to the area of health promotion.

During my critical research into various progressive projects from conventional and complementary medicine, I and my advisors where convinced by the concept of spirovital therapy.  Before I restructured my life and took the entrepreneurial risk of investing my compensation money, I first of all tested the so-called “SOE – Singlet Oxygen Energy Therapy method” – subsequently Airnergy (since October 2002) - critically on myself and I personally experienced the positive physical effects upon my rehabilitation and upon my whole being.   At the time I was probably more sceptical than any of our customers.

You know, when you have survived many years of very invasive operations, when you have suffered from severe pain round the clock so that you could no longer sleep properly – then you are right up against stark reality. You essentially know the existing therapeutic methods, possibilities and their limits – for there is simply no place for hocus-pocus.

Because I have technical understanding but also a lot of common sense, this technological principle that largely replicates photosynthesis made sense to me. I personally experienced in my own body what recognised doctors from various disciplines constantly attest today: alleviation of symptoms, regeneration, increase in my energy and quality of life in both a physical and psychological sense.

10-years Airnergy in 2010

Airnergy - 10th anniversary in 2010

As a result of my own experiences and my own conviction, the basis for the Airnergy company was formed in 2000. Together with my team at the time I created the Airnergy brand and have so far established it in around 70 countries.

Over the years this has become a mission which often pushes me to the limits of my ability. Physical and mental fitness are essential. Even today “breathing Airnergy” is part of my own regular healthcare routine, in combination with healthy eating and a sensible lifestyle.

What are your visions and aspirations for the future?

Guido Bierther:
Above all I would like to have faith that our work will make people aware of what Airnergy has to offer them; that they trust in it and try it out for themselves to see what Airnergy can do for them. For the forces of Nature are miraculous but we tend to forget until we re-experience them.

Thank you for this informative and, above all, frank discussion.

The interview was conducted by Karin Koch, a specialised journalist belonging to the DFJV (German Association of Specialised Journalists) as part of research into the 12 year existence of the Airnergy company. Karin Koch heads up “Internationaler Pressedienst Koch” (IPK), a press and corporate communications company based in Ulm.
Since this interview the agency has been commissioned by AIRNERGY to carry out critical, honest and informative PR and corporate communications work for consumers.
Says Karin Koch¨ “AIRNERGY specifically wants publicity work that is organised by an independent agency with a critical external view. In order to build up trust AIRNERGY guarantees us unrestricted access to the expert opinions, scientific works and customer references available at AIRNERGY – as a result of which I am convinced:
Based on our adequately scientifically-substantiated information and knowledge and in the face of increasing levels of disease and health risks worldwide, which result from misguided environmental, health and information policy amongst other things, the time has now come for prevention and treatment in the form of the Airnergy lifestyle. It is our responsible task to communicate this to the public - with our own sincere conviction.”


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