Our staff

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Our staff

For 12 years now customers, users, business partners, experts and the highly committed team of Airnergy International GmbH built a strong alliance which met several challenges with the power of conviction. On a regular basis our scientific council, composed of experts from medical, biochemical and biophysical background, conducts studies to support Airnergy’s development.

Administration & Accounting Service

Gabi Gerritzen
Order Processing

E-Mail: g.gerritzen@airnergy.com
Yvonne Marczak
Office Manager

E-Mail: y.marczak@airnergy.com

Service, Technology & Developement

Mario Kutzke
Service & Technology

E-Mail: m.kutzke@airnergy.com
Kurt Sistig
Technology & Development

E-Mail: k.sistig@airnergy.com

Arbnor Qorraj
Service & Technology

E-Mail: a.qorraj@airnergy.com
Shemsedin Haziri
Facility Management

E-Mail: info@airnergy.com


Christian Frohwein
Customer Service / Sales

E-Mail: c.frohwein@airnergy.com

Günter Schulten
Key Account - Medical Expert

E-Mail: g.schulten@airnergy.com
Sebastian Stahl
Key Account - Professional Sports & VIP's

E-Mail: s.stahl@airnergy.com

Sales Representative Northern Germany

Michael Ackermann
head office direction

E-Mail: generaldirektion@airnergy.com

Sales Representative Eastern Germany

Antje Reschke
Sales Representative Eastern Germany

E-Mail: a.reschke@airnergy.com

Sales Representative Southern Germany

Erwin Held
Sales Representative Southern Germany & Austria

E-Mail: e.held@airnergy.com

Austria & Switzerland

Erwin Held
Sales Representative Southern Germany & Austria

E-Mail: e.held@airnergy.com
Andrea Lehr
Sales Austria

E-Mail: a.lehr@airnergy.com

Sales International

Janina Kasten
International Sales Manager

E-Mail: j.kasten@airnergy.com
Miao Yu
Export Asian-Pacific

E-Mail: m.yu@airnergy.com

Joan DeBlasi
US Representative

E-Mail: j.deblasi@airnergy.com

Marketing & PR

Peter Schulte
3D & Grafik

E-Mail: p.schulte@airnergy.com
Nicole Korte-Gamatschek
Marketing & Grafik

E-Mail: n.korte@airnergy.com

Udo Bertram
Social Media

E-Mail: u.bertram@airnergy.com

General Management

Elke Schmitz-Weber
General Manager Assistent

E-Mail: e.schmitz-weber@airnergy.com

Gaby Gesing
General Manager Assistent
E-Mail: g.gesing@airnergy.com

Guido Bierther
Global affairs

E-Mail: g.bierther@airnergy.com

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