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How we think and feel.

Airnergy air – a small revolution
to democratise prevention.

Cooperation, not competition.
Today it is not just neurobiologists who recognise that we live in systems. And that the system which we form together will be destroyed if we continue only to compete. Even birds in the trees warn animals living on the ground if there is a predator approaching. And baboons, which see better, combine with zebras, which have a better sense of smell. This is known as cooperation. It requires the acknowledgement of others, far-sightedness and communication. In other words, the world can be great if we let it. Let’s make a start. 

Democratising prevention.
Healthcare provision as an obtainable good for all. This is what we hope to achieve with Airnergy. Based on quantifiable results we were able to prove for the first time that it is not the quantity of oxygen (as demonstrated by an increase in the supply of oxygen in previous oxygen therapies) which is of greatest significance, but rather the ability of the organism to utilise it. With oxygen as a basis for regeneration, without adding extraneous substances. In the form of respiratory air and in a device accessible to all. 

AIRNERGY respiratory air studios.
In order to make Airnergy accessible to a wide audience, Airnergy partners in almost all major cities are providing energy applications which can be used to regularly breathe Airnergy. A franchise concept for respiratory air stations is to be gradually rolled out. 

Involvement in disability sport.
Together with the well-known sports clothing company ASICS, Airnergy had a presence at both the Olympic Games in Athens and the Paralympics


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