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Airnergy – a Success Story!


More than 10 years ago now I accidently stumbled upon the then largely unknown Airnergy principle – a technological innovation for the harmonious energising of each individual cell in the body. This energetic charging is achieved by means of the temporary formation of activated oxygen. The energy that is released from it brings about not only its increased release from the bond to the red blood corpuscles but also its enhanced utilisation in the energy stations of the individual cells to form endogenous energy and above all the harmonisation and stabilisation of the oxidative equilibrium by controlling the production and neutralisation of free radicals.
This was an important "missing link" in the oxygen metabolism from the point of uptake of external oxygen with the respiratory air to intracellular ATP generation, linked to the names of numerous international researchers from Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier via Otto Warburg, Heinrich Wieland (both Nobel prize winners), Manfred von Ardenne (Oxygen Multi-Step Therapy) to Erich F. Elstner (publisher of the oxygen "Bible"). The latest and newest discoveries on this subject come from the research of Alfred Pischinger, according to which electromagnetic vibrations of coherent light represent the central information system of life, whereby the reversion of activated oxygen into the basic state was recognised as the laser source of energy for these vibrations. This method unites all alternative and complementary therapies via the common biophoton principle and thus fulfils a central requirement of medicine in the 21st century.    
Consequently the Airnergy principle was honoured with the Fitness Tribune Innovation Award of the Century, which is the most eminent recognition in the area of health and fitness in Europe.
Congratulations in the name of all users and therapists, whom I represent in my role as Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board. They have been employing this principle for years and, after many astounding successes, they communicate it very compellingly. In addition to more than 70 countries where Spirovital therapy using the Airnergy principle has become firmly established amongst the range of treatments on offer, the second largest Airnergy fan club has now grown over the last few years in China and now many thousands of people are raving about its ubiquitous applications. In addition to many scientifically-documented improvements in subjective ill health, lifting of objective restrictions on functional capacity and overcoming the negative effects of organic diseases, there is the humorous report of somebody's grey hair returning to its original black colour!
Particularly in Germany, its country of origin, Spirovitalisation using the Airnergy principle is enjoying increasing acceptance as an "omnipotent" holistic treatment. I represent many others when I welcome Dr. med. Rainer Holzhüter, a registered doctor in Hamburg and for decades now in the vanguard of oxygen therapy, as a new member of the Scientific Advisory Board. For many years we worked successfully together to obtain recognition for oxygen therapy in Germany but then we lost touch. It therefore pleases me all the more that our old shared interest is still alive and well and that we each independently discovered Spirovitalisation. Together with the Scientific Advisory Board we will work to obtain international recognition for the Airnergy principle for activating oxygen both in science and in practice.

Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Jung
Klaus Jung, Mainz University
Independent scientist and medical journalist
Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board


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