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Century Innovation Award 1912 - 2012 – 12 years with Airnergy


On 26th September 2000, it is now twelve years ago, Airnergy has been founded. Since that date many time passed, many things has happened and not everything was easy. Innovation and the faith of Airnergy to an unique product brought award and results despite headwinds. Airnergy overcame the downs and used the ups in good times and now celebrating its 12th anniversary.

Today, globally focused and clearly defined with goals, Airnergy is paying attention among other things with pride to thousands of people in Shanghai, China, which often line up for hours to discover their own or personal "health resort" in one of four Airnergy Experience Centers in China. Such a success can be boosting, especially in a country where holistic medicine in tradition and modernity are taking a key role and the medical day-to-day business is quite usual.

Pride can be realized by the owner and founder Mr. Guido Bierther and the employees of Airnergy even if one of the innumerable letters of thanks and reference letters can be read again in which human happiness is expressed on the basis of healing successes.
Matching Airnergy`s birthday the company is a special honour:  the `Fitness Tribune` awarded the Airnergy Spirovital method with the Century Award for Innovation. No other company has been honoured with such an Award. Airnergy takes this prize with gratitude and pride; an award that never could win without the support of reliable suppliers, service providers, business partners and a special thanks to our dear customers and their faith to the power of oxygen energy they would never get.

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