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Five Star Diamond Award

Five Star Diamond Award – for an, as yet, little known brand?


Innovative health product reaps well earned respect

Many products boast prizes and awards that hardly anyone has ever heard of. When the certificates and prizes are brought into the same circles as big names such as Mercedes, Audi, Kempinski or Donald Trump, they immediately attract widespread attention. A good deal of commotion and certainly an increase in prestige will now be caused by an international prize awarded to Airnergy, a medium sized business based in North Rhine-Westphalia, for their medical energy booster.

What do world-famous brands such as Mercedes or Audi have in common with the less well-known manufacturer Airnergy from Hennef, Germany? Quite a lot ...

Quality “Made in Germany“

1. Throughout the world, these two car brands are the epitome for highest quality
“Made in Germany“. This is exactly what the certified medical products of the
innovative high-tech factory in North Rhine-Westphalia stand for: Every single
Airnergy unit is manufactured with the utmost care, in a certified production process. Only when all criteria are met, will it receive the coveted CE marking, as an authorized medical device, guarantying not only clinical testing, but also responsible commitment to implementing basic safety, quality and health requirements.

Products for “jump-starting"

2. Whether Mercedes, Audi or Airnergy - each of those companies in their own
special way helps to secure that their customers are getting started. For the human body works in a similar way to a car: If there is no driving power, the goal remains a distant prospect. In this spirit, the small high-tech wonders of Airnergy ensure that their users, literally, never run out of steam. These handy devices produce transient vitalised oxygen, using patented technology, which release valuable bursts of energy into the air we breathe - increasing the efficiency of our “human fuel“. Inhaled via a discreet nasal cannula, this so-called photon energy reaches every organ, extending deep into the tissue and the tiny mitochondria, the “power plants“ of our body cells. The success story is simply amazing and proven many times over by users from all over the world.

Awarded the “Five Star Diamond Award“

3. Last but not least, all three companies can be proud to claim they have been
awarded the prestigious “Five Star Diamond Award“. This international prize has
been awarded to various categories by the American Academy of Hospitality
Sciences (New York City) for over 20 years. After Joe Cinque was introduced to a test product, he and two of his employees traveled to the Airnergy headquarters in Germany last August to inspect their facilities. His enthusiasm led to an immediate nomination. And now, a few months later, Airnergy joins international award winners next to Audi, Kempinski, Lufthansa, and Mercedes - after being the second ever company to receive the “Five Star Diamond Award“ in the new category “Green“ in recognition of an environmentally friendly and sustainable use of energy resources! Since the nomination, Joe Cinque (77) uses his own personal “Airnergy Vital Center“ in his New York apartment every day; to quote “after only 20 minutes, I feel like eighteen again! Whatever the future holds in store for me, I will continue with Airnergy - 20 minutes every day!“
The president of the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences has invited Airnergy CEO, Guido Bierther, to the award ceremony in New York, but has already presented the coveted award to him via a video message:

Airnergy hopes this Century Award will help raise its brand recognition internationally. Even if the small energy depots are in circulation in more than 70 countries, you can never do too much to increase awareness, even at home in its country of origin. “Many innovative products nowadays first become successful in the United States or on another continent before finding their way across the ocean to Germany,“ explains Guido Bierther. “It’s a pity that even German manufacturers must often opt for this detour. Our success in China shows that our energy boosters indeed have the potential to revolutionise. Not only amongst the medical fraternity, Airnergy is gaining importance in companies and private households for personal health care and prevention.“




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