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Dermovital Therapy in Mastodynia Treatment

Twenty-nine patients suffering from chronic unilateral, non-cyclical idiopathic or fibroadenotic mastodynia were treated by a new method...more >

IPO board - Eitel Vida, Dr. Dinah Jung, Airnergy manager Guido Bierther, Prof. Dr. Klaus Jung

Science Prize awarded to New Vital Therapy

Within the field of complementary medicine and natural remedies, scientific awards tend to be rather the exception...more >

New: AMD Compendium

New: AMD Compendium

A compendium that offers new perspectives for people with age-related macular Degeneration...more >

AIRNERGY awarded once again!

AIRNERGY awarded once again!

Health Media Award goes to prevention product in the field of respiratory air...more >


Refueling Energy at the Pulse of Time

As can be seen from the new OECD report, deaths and illnesses caused by air Pollution...more >

Five Star Diamond Award

Five Star Diamond Award – for an, as yet, little known brand?

Innovative health product reaps well earned respect... more >


NEW: COPD Compendium

COPD compendium of the Academy of Health, Sport and prevention... more >

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NEW! Now also available in avant-garde design.
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Smog – the invisible killer?
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Highlight for the medicine cabinet
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