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13 years Airnergy


Partnership: Guido Bierther and Silko Günzel

13 years ago today – on 28th September 2000 – the patent application of the groundbreaking health method, today‘s Spirovital therapy, was filed. The notarial incorporation of the original company natural energy solutions AG, which then became the present Airnergy AG in Hennef, also took place on the same day.

Driving force prior to the initial phase was Silko Günzel, naturopathic practitioner and former top athlete in the German national swimming team. He convinced the businessman and entrepreneur, Guido Bierther, to direct his investments and future career toward the concept of today's Spirovital therapy.

Differences of opinion and his move to Potsdam provoked Günzel to found his own company, established in Potsdam in 2006. He first developed the brand Active Air which was later followed by SET Oxygen Energy Therapy. Today he returns to Airnergy AG, bringing with him 13 years of knowledge and his belief in the Spirovital technology.

Guido Bierther: "I am delighted that Silko Günzel has decided to again make his temporarily launched brands Active Air and SET, his wealth of knowledge and his practical and educational expertise exclusively available to the co-founded birthplace of Spirovital technology and its brand, Airnergy. Just like us, he has, of course, always strictly guarded our Airnergy formula and protected it against third parties. A happy day and perfect timing for our reunion - the 13th anniversary of Airnergy."

Silko Günzel: "You probably have your own experiences concerning partnership and marriage: fate brings two people together. They share a love hate relationship on cloud 7 which ultimately bursts... and only after years of separation can they recognize and appreciate the why?, wherefore?, and whereto? Then they take their partnership to the second level, in full awareness and knowledge of what they mean to each other. I am really looking forward to my involvement in Airnergy again."


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