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AIRNERGY awarded once again!

AIRNERGY awarded once again!


Health Media Award goes to prevention product in the field of respiratory air

This year, the coveted Health Media Award in the category “Holistic Health and Prevention“ went to Airnergy AG. For 15 years the company has concentrated its efforts on our most important “nutrition and medicine“: the air we breathe. Without food, man can survive several weeks, without water a few days, but without atmospheric oxygen only a few minutes. This is all the more remarkable since approximately three quarters of the inhaled oxygen is exhaled again unutilized; and in the case of diseases, increasing age, stress and environmental pollution even more. A lavish and wasteful approach to nature.

Therefore, it is in our interest to address this “invisible food“ with regard to prevention and holistic health. Airnergy has done some real pioneering work with their compact high-tech wonder, a handy desktop unit for better utilization of the oxygen in the air we breathe. Alongside such renowned award winners as health insurers DAK and Barmer, the magazine Focus or the University Hospital of Bonn, Dr. Ralf Komitsch-Göttert, International Sales manager of Airnergy, received the Health Angel at the Kameha Grand Hotel in Bonn.

Of course, it was not the first time that Airnergy has been awarded a prize and gained special attention because of the many positive effects of their Spirovital therapy. Nevertheless, Dr. Komitsch-Göttert was visibly moved. “Awards of this nature are always a reassurance that we are on the right track in the health system with our product, meeting the challenges of our time. But even more important to us are the steady stream of feedback concerning practice observations from doctors and therapists, and the countless letters from satisfied users regularly breathing Airnergy air! They all feel healthier and are bursting with energy. The oxygen is energetically charged by our device and simply inhaled via a nasal cannula. The oxygen concentration is neither increased, nor ionized or enriched with ozone. By means of breathing through the nasal cannula, the activated oxygen reaches even the tiniest capillaries and helps with symptoms such as lethargy, difficulty concentrating and lack of sleep. It exerts its effect holistically, from the hair tips to the toes. In extreme deficits and various aging processes, it has a particularly startling effect.“

The greatest desire of the Airnergy team is to make this technology available to as many people as possible. Despite already being advocated and used in more than 70 countries by thousands of Airnergy supporters among doctors, therapists, athletes and home users, we have by no means reached the finish line. The “Holistic Health & Prevention Award 2014“, however, brings us one step closer to our dream of global health prevention.


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