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Highlight for the medicine cabinet


Innovation “Made in Germany“: small device – great effect

(Hennef, October 29th 2013) “Let it breathe“ is a common remark when faced with small wounds – even if no one really knows why. Approximately one and a half to two square meters surface area and one-sixth of our body weight make up the largest human organ – the skin. Via our skin we pick up 20% of the necessary breathing energy to survive. Hence, the skin must breathe! Less well known is that the air also activates our self-healing powers – whether on a walk, through breathing exercises, or using a special oxygen energy therapy. So the question is: What exactly happens there, and is it possible to enhance the healing process?

For many years, the experts at Airnergy have been researching the amazing capabilities of oxygen and the results are astounding. Based on this, a medical technology has developed which, according to expert opinion, has the potential to become the medicine of the 21st century.

The keyword is Dermovital therapy. What that means is explained by Prof. Dr. Klaus Jung, doctor of internal medicine, sports medicine and naturopathy, as follows: "Similar to Spirovital therapy, the Airnergy Stream device, in the short term, improves the quality of the oxygen in the ambient air by a process that resembles photosynthesis. This happens in a fraction of a second. If the oxygen then returns to its original state, it automatically releases energy. Since the Airnergy Stream is directly applied on the affected area of the body, this energy reaches directly under the skin. In doing so, oxygen molecules are released from the red blood cells and provided to the surrounding tissues and blood vessels. This process has a very positive influence on the overall cell structure.“

While conventional methods of treatment cannot reach the tissue between the cells, this device allows the energy transport and promotes the regulation of the autonomic nervous system. The result: the self-regulation of the body gets back on track and influences the pain center. This will benefit all users who suffer from functional disorders, organic conditions or diseases from painful, chronic wear and tear. Particularly under stress, illness, and harmful environmental influences, as well as increasing age, this technique proves to be a real blessing. The excited oxygen in the tissue increases the energy exactly where it is needed – specifically in the mitochondria, the "cellular power plants“. Via bio-photon energy, the Airnergy Stream improves cellular respiration and the body's own repair processes are supported locally.

The list covering anything from small aches and pains to serious diseases where the Stream can be used is long – equally long as the recommendations of avid users. The positive results range from successfully treated warts to migraines, discomforts in the ear, nose, throat to the spontaneous relief of massive and often chronic joint pains.

This handy device is a small high-tech wonder, and resembles a computer mouse. The housing is made of carbon fibre composite which, naturally, has its price. But it helps the whole family and it pays off! Consider how much money is spent during a year for the treatment of diseases, alternative therapies and remedies – a princely sum indeed. Then look at ourselves: how often do we buy an expensive kitchen appliance or the most sophisticated vacuum cleaner, even though the purchase was not actually necessary? Acquisitions for the maintenance of health, however, pay for themselves quickly and many times over. They increase vitality, save costs in the long term and can be applied not only for the whole family, but also for our four-legged friends.

That, at the same time, answers the question, what to give yourself for Christmas this year: The highlight for the medicine cabinet, containing no chemicals and without an expiry date.

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Highlight for the medicine cabinet
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