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NEW! Now also available in avant-garde design.

NEW! Now also available in avant-garde design.


Your small elegant climatic spa for better quality of life and well-being is now also available with a burl wood finish. This way, Airnergy meets very special personal demands.

It is the aim of Airnergy AG from Hennef, near Bonn in Germany, to naturally enhance quality of life and well-being for people - “naturally“ meaning without adding any foreign substances, without increasing the oxygen supply, and without adding any ionised oxygen or ozone. For the last 14 years the technology expert Airnergy has been producing devices based on the principle of Spirovitalisation which increases the efficiency of the air we breathe for users of all ages. As a result, the autonomic nervous system, the supervisory control organ of our organism, can better coordinate critical processes, including the energy metabolism and, therefore, holistic regeneration.

Inside the device, the process of photosynthesis, i.e. the interaction of sunlight and chlorophyll, is technically “engineered“. This is to ensure that the oxygen contained in the air will be better converted into energy. This technology is not comparable with previous oxygen therapies.

World class athletes, managers, and VIPs as well as doctors and therapists from various specialist disciplines rely on this natural source of energy as a basic therapy and confirm its effectiveness.
Meanwhile, the constantly evolving technology is being used millions of times in more than 70 countries worldwide. Notably residents of the People's Republic of China who are “plagued“ by smog almost on a daily basis, favour the small climatic spas “Made in Germany“. “Their awareness of holistic methods, also used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is why people in China understand the new technology and have more confidence in it,“ says managing director Guido Bierther. “They understand the enormous importance of breathing, and love our devices as they improve the efficiency of the air we breathe. I am particularly pleased that people in Western countries also have greater confidence again in the forces of nature, especially when experiencing Airnergy for the first time.“

Since the devices in medical practices and clinics often appear very medicinal, designer models have been developed for the sophisticated customer. After all, users do not want to seem weak or sickly in front of family, friends or colleagues because of using medical technology. The designer models draw envious glances and make "breathing Airnergy" even look trendy.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the designer device Airnergy Avantgarde Cristal Edition has already been awarded several international prizes. The Spirovitalisation technology was the first technology ever to be awarded the “Century Award for Innovation“.

The picture shows a device with an elegant root wood finish that has just been customized for a customer in the United Arab Emirates. Models with granite housing, or covered with Swarovski stones and 24 carat gold alloy can be found here:


NEW! Now also available in avant-garde design.
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