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One of six Airnergy devices in the well-being area of the ASICS Lounge

Power air at Olympia


In the ASICS Hospitality Centre in Athens athletes, media representatives and guests can “breathe” themselves fit
Hennef (ots). ASICS, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of running shoes and sports clothing offered an “Airnergy Bar” for the first time in its official hospitality centre on the occasion of the Olympic Games in Athens. “Our aim is to make the ASICS Lounge – in the direct vicinity of the Olympia Stadium – not only a meeting place but also a place of relaxation. “Hospitality & recreation” is thus the motto for athletes, the media and the global ASICS Family,“ is how Axel Schüler-Bredt, managing director of the Hamburg agency NORDPOL+, describes the core tasks for his PR customer ASICS Europe.
From 10 to 29 August 2004 athletes, media representatives and customers of the company can inhale energy-rich air at the "Airnergy Bar" and thus improve their performance and concentration. A total of six Airnergy inhalation devices are available in the well-being area of the ASICS Lounge and hence fill "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano”, or ASICS with more life.
Guido Bierther, managing director of Airnergy, says, "It’s good that we were chosen for the oxygen therapy. We are pleased that our inhalation therapy is the first offering in the world with no side effects. So, we wish everyone in Athens a refreshing breath of air.“

Airnergy is an innovative technology which increases the body’s ability to utilise the air that is inhaled without any additional oxygen. Normally, only a very small proportion of the air we breathe, our most important "food", can be converted into energy by our organism. The new method is able to increase the yield of metabolic energy.
The principle of Airnergy: a worldwide patented process, similar to photosynthesis, puts the oxygen in inhaled air into an active state, which in turn allows the body to utilise it better. You inhale the activated air via a comfortable nasal cannula. 15 to 20 minutes Airnergy inhalation are sufficient to stimulate the metabolism and to make your body fit for new challenges. The new process is suitable for everyone for improving their performance without exception and is also ideal as a preventive remedy. There are no risks or side effects.
Among athletes Airnergy has become more than just a hot tip. Top athletes like Franziska von Almsick or the German national biathlon team have long been using the new technology as a natural and legal "supplement" to improve their performance. Ex decathlete Jürgen Hingsen and soccer trainer Ottmar Hitzfeld are also professed Airnergy fans.
NORDPOL+, as the PR agency responsible for ASICS, was convinced by the new technology after a detailed examination of the studies and asked Airnergy to be a partner in its Athens Hospitality Center.
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