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Refueling Energy at the Pulse of Time


As can be seen from the new OECD report, deaths and illnesses caused by air pollution cost around 3.5 trillion US dollars per year. A number that calls for a speedy response. The fact that, apart from air pollution control policies, every individual can take necessary precautions for himself is still largely unknown. There is, in fact, a gentle therapy against summer Smog and energy deficiency which can be used anywhere and is a holistic preventive approach! Ideal for people with organic or psychosomatic disorders to take control of their health into their own hands.

Without food, a person can survive for several weeks with adequate water supply. On the third day without water, however, there is an increased risk of fatal dehydration. But without oxygen, brain death usually follows after a few minutes only.

Atmospheric oxygen is indispensable and highly underestimated!

The oxygen in the air we breathe is vital for our bodies, and every second counts. Our lung is a true marvel of nature. Working mostly in silence and still accomplishing record-breaking feats – lifelong. A healthy human being, sitting quietly in his chair, breathes 12 to 16 times per minute – inhaling fresh oxygen into his body and exhaling the degradation product carbon dioxide: “gas exchange“.

Most of the inhaled oxygen is, unfortunately, not metabolized but exhaled again as illustrated by the following figures: Clean breathing air contains on average 21% oxygen and 0.03% carbon dioxide. The air exhaled by a healthy adult contains an average of 17% oxygen and 4% carbon dioxide. But what happens if the quality of our ambient air is decreased or polluted? Or when our bodies can no longer fully utilize the available oxygen due to increasing age, stress, and diseases? Then, a person faces mortal danger.

Seven million deaths annually by polluted air alone - and counting!

Respiratory diseases are among the most common diseases and causes of death, but public knowledge is very limited. In contrast to previous assumptions, cardiovascular diseases and cancer can also be traced back to air pollution, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). In the past, mainly respiratory diseases had been assessed. “The most common causes of death by air pollution are strokes and diseases of the coronary arteries, followed by chronic lung diseases“, says Maria Neira, WHO director in charge. According to WHO projection, approximately 3.7 million deaths are attributed to environmental smog. Even more deaths, namely 4.3 million, are caused by air pollution inside buildings. As almost everybody is exposed to both types of polluted air, the statistically projected yield is 7 million deaths in total, and this figure is increasing. “Twice as many as previously thought“, explains Neira.

Thus, air pollution is the biggest health risk based on environmental factors. Main sources of Pollution of the ambient air are waste gases from energy production, industry, factory farming, transport, and waste incineration. Inside buildings, the main causes are harmful evaporation from technical equipment, furnishings, and cleaning agents plus a lack of regular ventilation and incorrectly set air conditioning. Air pollution affects everyone and is not just a big-city problem.

Now that the summer is approaching: fairer days, rising temperatures – and people are spending more time outdoors. A good and healthy compensation for generally dwelling “indoors“? Unfortunately not. Summer brings us summer smog. In contrast to winter smog, summer smog entails an even higher risk: increased ozone pollution. Summer smog is defined as the air pollution near the ground by high ozone concentrations. It occurs in sunny weather and is due to nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons reacting with the UV radiation from the sun. Ground level ozone attacks the respiratory system and causes damage to plants and animals.

A climatic spa “to go“ as prevention?

What can you do? Preventive, but also therapeutic treatment for diseases?

One solution is brilliantly simple and based on the model of Nature. “Made in Germany“: Specialists from Hennef in Germany have developed a Technology inspired by the interaction of sunlight and chlorophyll. A small Airnergy device replicates the photosynthetic process of plants together with sunlight. The decisive factor here is that during this process oxygen is neither increased nor ionized or ozone added. Cellular respiration and oxygen are enhanced from within. The ambient air conditioned inside the Airnergy device can be better utilized by the body and converted into metabolic energy, revitalizing critical processes in the organism. In medical circles, Airnergy is known and renowned as so-called Spirovital therapy. The device actually acts like a climatic spa, only more intense - a power station so to speak. “We recommend applications several times per week. Even better would be daily inhalation of vitalized atmospheric oxygen for 21 minutes“, according to Guido Bierther, CEO of Airnergy. This technology is already being used millionfold in more than 70 countries worldwide –
indispensable and simply perfect for our times and way of life. Honestly, who really takes time off for ,his health to have regular breaks at a spa resort? Most of ,us are only prepared to do so when they are already sick or in rehab – but not preventive. This technology is, of course, ideal for all those who are no longer mobile and can hardly walk in the forest or climb mountains.

Taking responsibility for your own health

Using the self-help approach? We need to take responsibility for our own lives. This does not mean, however, that self-help and initiative should be tantamount to “help yourself without any medical assistance“. It is important to always diagnose potential causes. Only then can you consider therapeutic and/or preventive approaches. Man is responsible for preserving his health and also for the success of a cure. Airnergy technology facilitates this enormously: a climatic spa “to go“ – our finger on the pulse of time.


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