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IPO board - Eitel Vida, Dr. Dinah Jung, Airnergy manager Guido Bierther, Prof. Dr. Klaus Jung

IPO board - Eitel Vida, Dr. Dinah Jung, Airnergy manager Guido Bierther, Prof. Dr. Klaus Jung

Science Prize awarded to New Vital Therapy


Within the field of complementary medicine and natural remedies, scientific awards tend to be rather the exception. But some companies are not easily discouraged: Untiring pursuit, consistent research & development yielded a young company positive therapeutic results that even take mainstream medical practitioners by surprise. For this innovative new form of therapy, Airnergy has now won the Science Award of the IPO for medical therapies. With their energy dispensers “Made in Germany“ the medical device manufacturer ensures — in the truest sense of the word — that their users are never out of breath.

The International Prevention Organization, or short: IPO, has devoted the last 25 years to promoting public health care and by extension, to the development and dissemination of health promotion activities. Today, the Federation is the largest nonprofit organization of its kind in Europe, a network for health issues with international opinion leaders from science and industry alike. IPO, therefore, boasts multidisciplinary expertise to represent important themes of the healthcare market. “We are delighted to receive this prestigious award,“ says Airnergy founder Guido Bierther. “Almost daily we receive feedback from enthusiastic medical practitioners as well as users. The fact that our scientific efforts are finally bearing fruit in wider circles of experts and our efforts are no longer ridiculed, fills us with pride. Of course, it is something very special that the IPO — an organization of such significance in the established health sector — became aware of our company and products. We are truly grateful for this.“

What is Somatovital therapy?

Guido Bierther explains how it works: “Somatovital therapy actually consists of three forms of application: Spirovital treatment focuses on energy absorption by inhalation of specially prepared air. Gastrovital treatment means drinking specially prepared, activated water, therefore, the absorption takes place through the stomach and intestines. It should not be confused with the media-propagated “oxygen water“. Finally, Dermovital treatment refers to energy absorption through the skin.“

Airnergy took a leaf out of Nature’s book to lay the groundwork for this energising technology: “Photosynthesis, the interaction of sunlight and chlorophyll, has taught us that as light is reflected with a very specific wavelength off of a catalyst surface, it has the ability to increase the energy state, or the usability, of oxygen significantly. As a result, the oxygen in the air is briefly optimised to the higher energy state which, in physics, is known as singlet oxygen. Within milliseconds the singlet oxygen returns to its initial state, the triplet state. As a result, energy is released (relaxation energy), which initially attaches itself to the water molecules contained in the air we breathe, is thus transported via the lungs into the blood, and can then be better metabolised by the cells. The activated air is inhaled together with the ambient air via an inconspicu-ous nasal cannula. Thereafter, everything else is regulated by the organism itself. You can simply relax, work on a PC, watch TV, read or even make phone calls.“ Bierther explicitly stressed that this method does neither increase the oxygen content, nor add ozone or ionise the air. “The energy boost provided by Spirovital inhalation treatment is transported through the blood and environment directly to the powerhouses of the cells, the mitochondria, but also into the smallest vessels of cellular tissue. All body systems involved, such as the sensory system, the musculoskeletal system or the respiratory system, benefit from this.“ From A to Z, from respiratory distress to cell regeneration — Somatovital therapy has proven itself in numerous organic and functional disorders. According to the same principle as in Spirovital therapy — Dermovital therapy vitalises the body's own healing powers locally, however, from outside to inside.

Of course, no-one expects miracles from complementary medicine or naturopathy. Airnergy isn’t a guarantee. As is always the case for our organism: “Healing needs time“. “Scientists, doctors and health practitioners are still amazed at the successes and often confirm the positive impact of Somatovital treatment in terms of improved, holistic health,“ Bierther explains. People suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or age-related macular degeneration (AMD) benefit the most. “Availability of the right amount of oxygen to the right place at the right time — this is what stimulates the body's own self healing properties naturally. We trust that this science award helps to strengthen public confidence in the forces of nature. May it provide fresh impetus to sensitize more people for natural, holistic methods.“

The IPO acknowledges the innovative therapies of Airnergy with the IPO Science A-ward. Optimal oxygen supply to the cells and neutralization or disposal of reactive oxygen species constitute a key component in maintaining health and overcoming disease. Eitel J. Vida, executive director of the IPO, presented the award to radiant Airnergy founder Guido Bierther at a festive ceremony.


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